Have You Tried These Top 10 Favorite Cart Foods At Walt Disney World Resort?


No Disney trip is complete without indulging in all of your favorite Disney treats. There is nothing like craving your favorite Disney food item until you visit the parks and take that first bite. Here are the top ten favorite cart foods at the Walt Disney World Resort.

10. Frozen Cappuccinos

Coffee is the most desired taste of all human beings. Disney is partnered with Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company to offer some really great coffee drinks for guests. One of the tastiest has to be the famous frozen cappuccino. The icy blend coupled with the rich flavor of coffee is perfect for any coffee lover. This delicious beverage is offered at a few carts in Epcot and Hollywood Studios and is sure to make your taste buds dance.

9. Chicken and Waffles

Nothing says southern comfort like chicken and waffles! Disney Spring’s fairly new addition of the Fantasy Fare Food Trucks offers an array of different entrees, including one of the best servings of chicken and waffles I’ve ever had. The melt in your mouth waffles paired with crispy tender chicken and a blue cheese sauce will definitely comfort your soul!

8. Corn Dog

Speaking of the food trucks at Downtown Disney, you will find one of the best (if not the best) corn dog at the Fantasy Fare Food Truck. These hand dipped corn dogs are covered in a batter that is fried until golden crisp and tastes like heaven! You don’t want to skip out on this if you’re visiting the Disney Springs area!

7. Turkey Legs

Have you ever seen a turkey leg that is about a foot long? Chances are you haven’t but you can try them at any of the Walt Disney World parks (yes, they do exist). Turkey legs are a popular treat. They’re so popular that over 2.5 million pounds of them are sold yearly! That’s a whole ‘lotta meat! There are several carts that sell these iconic turkey legs. They are incredibly juicy and large enough to share with a couple of people (or you can skip the sharing and just selfishly treat yourself)!

6. Funnel Cakes

Fried dough is one of the best comfort foods. Funnel cakes are always enjoyed at fairs and carnivals, but enjoying them at Disney is better than any fair or carnival I’ve been to! Fried dough fried to perfection topped off with your choice of powdered sugar, creamy ice cream, syrups and more will have you smiling from ear to ear. There is nothing like indulging in one of these sweet treats that are offered at all four of the Walt Disney World theme parks!

5. Pretzels

Pretzels are extra special at Disney because they are out of this world amazing! There are several kinds to choose from like the mickey shaped pretzel and the jalapeno one too, but my personal and all time favorite has to be the sweet cream cheese pretzel. This hot, soft pretzel is filled with cream cheese for the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Pretzels can be found at all four theme parks at various carts.

4. Dole Whip

Want to be transported to a tropical paradise? Head over to Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom or the Polynesian resort and grab a dole whip! Close your eyes while taking your first bite, and embrace the spirit of creamy frozen yogurt and a splash of Dole Pineapple juice. You will seriously feel like you’re in a tropical paradise! This combination is by far one of the tastiest treats I’ve ever had and they are quite popular at Disney World! I have never seen a short line for these because of their high demand, but I guarantee the wait is totally worth it.

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3. Churros

What’s better than fried, crispy dough covered in cinnamon sugar? Nothing at all! Churros are a sweet treat that is often seen around the parks. They are huge and super delicious! These tasty treats are great for sharing, or if you’re really in the mood for this sweet treat, enjoying it alone! Churros are offered at all four theme parks, and due to their popularity, there are several carts that sell them!

2. Popcorn

A true classic American snack, popcorn never gets old! It’s light and airy consistency makes it a great treat to munch on while traveling around the park or my favorite, enjoying it during a parade. There are several popcorn carts around all four theme parks. The popcorn is made fresh at the cart so you are guaranteed a crisp bucket. Speaking of buckets, one of the best parts about grabbing some popcorn is the adorable souvenir buckets it comes in. Disney fans go crazy for these because they can be used for so many other things once returning home form your vacation. Souvenir buckets change frequently with the season or holidays so it can also be fun to collect them!

1. Mickey Ice Cream Bar

Did you know that Disney world sells over 3.3 million Mickey Ice Cream Bars a year? These iconic bars are a staple and should be enjoyed on every visit! Indulging in creamy vanilla ice cream covered with rich Nestle chocolate candy coating and shaped in a Mickey head silhouette will refresh your taste buds on a hot Florida day! Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bars can be found at all four theme parks and water parks.

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