How to Get Your Cut of Disney’s Multi-Million Annual Pass Settlement

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In 2021, Disneyland Resort introduced its new Magic Key Pass Program, which replaced its popular Annual Pass Program. Guests had the option of purchasing one of four Magic Keys — the Dream Key, the Enchant Key, the Imagine Key, and the Believe Key. The Dream Key cost $1,399 and promised guests no blackout dates. Unfortunately, with theme park reservations being required, many Dream Key Holders found themselves unable to make reservations for weeks at a time. Regular ticket purchasers, on the other hand, had plenty of reservations available to them.

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Just two months after Magic Keys went on sale, one dissatisfied guest filed a lawsuit on behalf of all Dream Key Holders. Janale Nielsen accused Disney of “deceptive practices” by claiming the Dream Key had no blackout dates, then creating artificial ones by only allocating a certain amount of Magic Key reservations per day. Nielsen demanded that Disney pay $5 million.

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In late August, Disney announced that they had come to a settlement agreement in the Magic Key lawsuit. Then, on September 8, the details of that settlement were revealed. Instead of paying out $5 million, Disney will be cutting a check for $9.5 million. With all the Magic Key Holders involved — over 100,000 –, that will mean checks for about $67 will be sent out to thousands of guests.

Now, if you think you are entitled to some of this money, here’s how you can get your check. Per The Orange County Register.

Dream Key passholders will be automatically enrolled in the disbursement fund and do not need to submit a claim to get paid.

Unless you don’t want the money or plan to file your own lawsuit. Then you need to request to be excluded from the settlement.

If you were a Dream Keyholder, expect to receive an email from a third-party settlement administrator with instructions on how to get paid electronically.

The email will come to the address you have on file with your Disneyland annual pass account. A check will be sent by snail mail if the email bounces back or you don’t have an email on file.

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If you are a former Dream Key Holder and you have changed your email address, there will be a website created where you can update your information.

There is also a chance that those who receive payouts could receive more than one. According to the settlement, if there is more than $1 million left after payouts, additional checks will be sent. Those who do not cash their original checks within 90 days are no longer eligible for payouts.

Not long after the lawsuit against Disney was allowed to move forward in court, Disney got rid of the Dream Key and replaced it with the Inspire Key. The Inspire Key has all the same benefits as the Dream Key. It also appears that Disney has opened up a lot more Magic Key reservations, as guests only really find themselves struggling during peak times, like holiday weekends and major holidays.

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If you are hoping to snag your own Disneyland Resort Magic Key, well, you are out of luck. Hours after details of the settlement were announced, Disney suspended its sale of the Inspire Key. It was the only Magic Key available for purchase. Now, all Magic Keys are available for renewal only. Disney has not said when Magic Keys will go back on sale.

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