I Can’t Wait to be a Disney Dad

Disney Dads

At the time I’m writing this, I am a proud single “funcle” to two amazing little boys and a Godfather to the youngest. They joined me for a day of my last Disney trip, and while I am in no actual rush, I realized how excited I am to one day be a Disney Dad.

Me with my Nephew, Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

Credit: TK Bosacki/ Disney Fanatic

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While most dads are known to complain about Disney, and rock the completely unironic “most expensive day ever” tee shirts, I know there is something special about being able to bring my kids to the Most Magical Place On Earth.

Just being able to walk around my Resort Hotel and the Theme Parks with my nephew on my shoulders was a privilege, and watching him fall in love with the characters who spontaneously showed up for afternoon playtime just made my heart melt.

My nephew with Daisy, Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

Credit: TK Bosacki/ Disney Fanatic

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Now I know it is not all sunshine and rainbows. There are the tantrums, and fussiness from missing nap times and the overall exhaustion from being out in the sun all day, and the struggle of getting them to sit down and eat I have observed and experienced most of that. But I am now on the cusp of 30. I’ve put enough time into both my career and the Parks to know just what I have to do in order to make the most magical day happen for my kids. I also think I found my princess, so who knows when that will be, I know that I will be able to execute those plans to some degree.

Me holding my Godson, Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

Credit: TK Bosacki/ Disney Fanatic

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A lot of parents have been saying that they’re done with Disney, and they don’t feel comfortable anymore exposing their children to what The Walt Disney Company has come to represent. But when I’m in the Parks, I don’t feel the politics. At least, not on a regular basis anyway, and I find it easy enough to avoid.

I suppose there comes a point in every Disney kid’s life when he realizes he’s ready to be a Disney Dad, and I couldn’t be more excited about that possible future. I can’t wait until my nephews get a little bit older so I can have more Disney time with them and get some good “practice” in. (I know these pictures are all from a hotel, but they’re the best I got that day).

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