Internet’s Favorite Boyfriend Joins This Upcoming Disney Movie

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The phenomenon of the internet boyfriend is not new. A continuation of the age-old expression of celebrity crushes—which goes back to The Aeneid, which some argue is fan fiction in itself—the internet has revolutionized how fans express their love for their favorites: be that celebrities or entertainment giants. Few are as beloved as the Walt Disney Company, with the Mouse House being at the center of fans’ hearts, and often critique, whether it’s to do with the Disney Parks, Disney movies and TV shows—think all the current controversy with The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan & Wendy—brand collaborations, or more.

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Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort/Courtesy of Disney

However, one of our favorite moments is when the celebrities we love join forces with the company we love to create something new. That is precisely the kind of news we bring today. As was recently announced, one of the internet’s favorite boyfriends has joined the cast of an upcoming Disney feature.

Chris Pine, the actor who initially won our hearts with smaller romantic comedies earlier in his career and made a name for himself with the Star Trek franchise as he played Captain Kirk and currently has the upcoming fantasy feature Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves slated for release, has now joined the cast for Disney’s animated film Wish. 

Pine was briefly part of the superhero world when he acted in Wonder Woman. He also previously starred in Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement with Anne Hathaway (who played Mia Thermopolis in the movie), Julie Andrews (who played Queen Clarisse), and a larger star-studded cast. He was also part of the Meryl Streep and Anna Kendrick starrer Into the Woods, which was directed by Rob Marshall.

Wish is due to release in November 2023 and asks, “How did the wishing star, which so many Disney characters wished upon, come to be?”

To explore the origin story of the wishing star that forms an indelible part of so many Disney movies, the movie brings in Ariana DeBose as Asha, an optimist and sharp-witted character who cares deeply about her community and lives in the Kingdom of Rosas, Alan Tudyk as Valentino, and now Chris Pine.

Disney Wish Movie

Credit: Disney (left; right)

The wishing star featured in this movie is reportedly similar to the one introduced in Pinocchio and seen in Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, and Princess and the Frog. The art style for the film reportedly combines Disney’s original watercolor animation with the more modern CG techniques employed by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

With this wonderful cast, we can’t wait to see what the movie has in store!

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