Disney’s Missing Two GOLDEN Opportunities During EPCOT Festival

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival
Credit: Disney

Once again, the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival is underway at the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida, and once again, Walt Disney Imagineers missed out on a fantastic opportunity to make the experience as magical as it could be.

All across the “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow,” the theme park has been experiencing what many Disney Fanatics have called an “invasion” of Disney Movie IPs, as the stories and characters blend into the framework of a place originally expected to be opposite of the Magic Kingdom.

But, it is that IP that would, in fact, make the International Flower and Garden Festival that much better.

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Credit: Disney

As I have stated in the past, I HATE Disney’s Encanto (2021). But I will admit that one member of the Madrigal Family is missing from the festivities that she is known for.

The Flower Girl herself, Isabela, should be center stage at this celebration not just as a topiary but as a real human for a very special character meet and greet.

encanto isabela

Credit: Disney

But, for the third year in a row, Disney has kept that from us. But why? After all, she’s the one who makes flowers bloom. It only makes sense that she visits EPCOT every year to help make the festivities happen.

But Isabela Madrigal is not the only appropriate character missing from the festivities. Disney’s previous “flower,” Rapunzel, is missing from EPCOT. This is the perfect opportunity for Rapunzel to greet guests with all of the flowers in her hair as shown below.

rapunzel braided hair

Credit: Disney

Regardless, though, EPCOT’s International Flower and Garden Festival is a springtime tradition that is not to be missed when visiting Disney World and there is plenty of magical flowery work to take in all around the World Showcase Lagoon.

EPCOT’s International Flower and Garden Festival will be here until May 27, 2024.

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