Jack Whitehall Sings Emily Blunt’s Praises After “Jungle Cruise” (And Reveals His Secret Frozen Role)


Fans of British comedy have most likely heard of the young comedian Jack Whitehall, but they may have been surprised to see him pop up as the beautiful Dr Lily Houghton‘s brother in the new Disney movie “Jungle Cruise”! Whitehall was a “big fan” of the ride that inspired the movie, and an admirer of Blunt’s work. Now that they’ve actually worked together directly, he had nothing but nice things to say about the English actress.

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Coincidentally, Whitehall and Blunt actually “grew up a couple of streets away from each other”. In an interview with OK! magazine, Jack confirmed that he loved getting the chance to act opposite her. “The minute I met her, we got along so well,” he said. “It was instantaneous. We instantly had a chemistry that really helped build the dynamic between the sibling characters. Emily is so much fun to work with.”

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Even though some fans might think that “Jungle Cruise” was Whitehall’s first Disney film, he actually has an uncredited role in a particularly famous Disney movie: Frozen. On The Graham Norton show, Jack Whitehall revealed that he had played Loki the troll, one of the rock trolls in Frozen, and completed voiceover work for the character. He even attended a press junket for Frozen as one of the cast members, and it wasn’t until the movie premiered and he watched it that he saw his own performance’s absence. It was only then that his agent told him that Disney had changed his animated character to “a non-speaking role”, thereby making the role nonexistent.

Whitehall reacted to the news with both dismay and humor, and he also joked about the turn of events with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

Now that Jack Whitehall has seen success as a Disney actor in “Jungle Cruise” with Emily Blunt’s Dr Lily Houghton and The Rock’s Skipper Frank Wolff, we’ll be curious to see if he starts showing up in other Disney movies down the road (including the Jungle Cruise sequel)!



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