Jane Foster Joins the Avengers Campus

jane foster natalie portman
Natalie Portman plays Jane Foster and Mighty Thor in the Thor franchise.

If you’re a fan of the Israeli actress Natalie Portman and her role as the scientist-turned-superhero Jane Foster (who is also Thor’s love interest in the new movie Thor: Love and Thunder), and you’re heading to Disney California Adventure Park soon, then you’re in luck! The Disney Parks Blog has announced that Jane Foster herself will be appearing somewhere on the Avengers Campus in conjunction with the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder in theaters!

According to the blog post, “for a limited time, Jane Foster, taking up the mantle of Mighty Thor, roams the grounds of Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure park, encountering recruits and occasionally challenging others to test their worthiness with Mjolnir”. Mjolnir is of course the Norse god Thor’s mighty hammer, which (until now) only he could summon and control!

jane foster mighty thor

Jane Foster in Avengers Campus in Disneyland California Adventure Park. Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Jane Foster (who is presumably being played by a Cast Member and not the very petite actress Natalie Portman herself) is joining the Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff as a feisty new heroine in Avengers Campus. Many Marvel fans and Disneyland Guests particularly enjoy interactions with Marvel characters in this location, because they are not typically well-planned Meet and Greets: usually the characters are roaming around and improvising.

thor love and thunder

Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth filming Thor: Love and Thunder (which is directed by New Zealand director Taika Waititi) as the Marvel comics characters Jane Foster (aka Mighty Thor, aka Lady Thor) and Thor Odinson.

Wanda’s attempt to ‘steal’ a child from someone is a great example of this, and we’ll be curious to see what Jane Foster gets up to in her roamings of Avengers Campus! If you can’t get to Disneyland while Jane Foster is around, you can at least indulge in a¬†Thor¬†movie marathon and see her romance with Thor (who is played by Australian actor Chris Hemsworth) as it plays out.

Then, of course, head to theaters to see Jane coming into her own as Mighty Thor — and to keep an eye out for this comical trick that was used to disguise Portman’s diminutive height next to taller actors like Chris Hemsworth or Christian Bale!

thor love and thunder

The new teaser poster for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ was released alongside the new teaser trailer for the Marvel movie¬†directed by New Zealand director Taika Waititi, and Jane Foster made an appearance as the Marvel comics character Mighty Thor in the new movie’s trailer too! Credit: Marvel

Natalie Portman might not be playing the Marvel Comics character Jane Foster herself and walking around the Disneyland location, but an actor from a film surprising Guests and stepping into the role for a day is definitely not unheard of (just ask Johnny Depp), so fans of the Black Swan and Star Wars actress should pay some extra visits to the Disneyland Park just in case!

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