Jessica Jones Becomes a “Disney Princess”


If you associate Disney princesses with courage, kindness, and New York City crime, then you can only be thinking of one specific heroine: Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones is technically a Marvel comic character, not a Disney princess — but since the Marvel series Jessica Jones¬†has now been added to the streaming platform Disney+, the actress who plays Jessica has decided that her character is indeed a Disney princess!

The Marvel series began streaming on Disney+ as of March 16, with its three seasons having previously been streaming on the competing streaming platform Netflix. Krysten Ritter is the actress who played Jessica Jones, a superhero who tries to hide her superhero past and focus on work in New York City as a private investigator with little success, and Krysten Ritter posted the following post on Instagram!

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“Guess who‚Äôs a Disney princess now? ???Go (re)watch¬†@marvelsjessicajones now streaming on her new home, @disneyplus¬†??¬†#jessicajones ????” Krysten wrote on Instagram. Marvel’s¬†Jessica Jones¬†show was very popular with audiences before it was canceled in 2019, and many fans are still hoping for a reboot with Krysten Ritter reprising her role as the unconventional Marvel superhero. But maybe this superhero has a new role as a Disney princess!

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There would be one hitch with Jessica Jones’s status as a new Disney princess, unfortunately. The Marvel TV show Jessica Jones¬†is a series that is most certainly for adults, not children (and it’s also part of why Disney+ has recently instated some parental controls as a new feature in the settings for the streaming platform, since Jessica Jones and some other more adult shows have just been added to Disney+).

Credit: @marvelsjessicajones

However, even if Jessica Jones is a Marvel superhero who doesn’t quite fit in with other Disney princesses, she’s still a feisty woman who uses her superpowers to the best of her ability and, overall, has good intentions. When you think about it, lots of Disney princesses fit that mold!

Are you a Marvel fan who is going to watch (or rewatch) Jessica Jones on Disney+?

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