Marvel Star Finally Reveals Details From Secret Wedding

karen gillan on her wedding day and in her wedding dress

The blue Guardian of the Galaxy has secretly become a bride!

Scottish Jumanji, Gunpowder Milkshake, and The Bubble actress (who had her big break as Amy Pond in the British television series Doctor Who opposite Matt Smith, and who regularly undergoes a transformation to become unrecognizable as the blue semi-robotic Marvel character named Nebula) married last year in an ultra-private ceremony.

The Castle Toward wedding was so secretive, and Karen Gillan has so stringently avoided any mention of the wedding on social media, that some fans began to question whether or not the marriage even happened. But now, the Marvel star has finally shared a little bit about the Scottish castle wedding, almost a year later!

All Gillan wrote on Instagram was “Last May‚Ķ”, but the pictures that accompanied the small caption were certainly revealing. Take a look at these glimpses of the fan-favorite¬†Jumanji¬†and¬†Guardians of the Galaxy¬†star below!

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Gillan married Saturday Night Live comedian (and The Bubble co-star) Nick Kocher at Castle Toward in Dunoon, Argyll. With a castle like Castle Toward serving as the setting, we’re not surprised to see some gorgeous room interiors in the photos shown above.¬†

Gillan wore a white Oscar de la Renta ballgown that was strapless and featured a train, making her look every bit like the Disney princess that many Disney fans want her to play in a live-action adaptation. Gillan kept her hair down and (as we can see in the post further below) her makeup natural.

From the second picture in the Instagram post, we can see that the bridal party wore warm-toned mauve or rosewood-colored gowns and carried pale yellow bouquets. We can also see that some traditional Scottish bagpipes made an appearance! 

Gillan has a large fanbase on her own, but plenty of Marvel fans might admire her character Nebula without ever knowing about the actress behind the blue prosthetics! 

The Scottish actress from Inverness in the Highlands recently also made headlines because she has just announced her own business, which is (unexpectedly) a start-up in the tech world!


Marvel star, Doctor Who’s Amy Pond, and ‘Jumanji’ actress Karen Gillan recently started her own business, which is (unexpectedly) in the tech world!

Wedding photographer Holly Clark shared her own comments on the wedding after Gillan posted the images, saying the following: “What an adventure! The Scottish wedding of the gorgeous, insanely talented and fun¬†@karengillan and her hilarious husband.”

“A huge shout out to the dream team who met every challenge with grace and enthusiasm – thank you for keeping the secret all this time,” Clark added (acknowledging the wedding’s high level of secrecy). “team work really does make the dream work!”

Wedding planner Sarah Haywood also provided some insight into the wedding day, saying that “details of Karen‚Äôs Scottish celebrations will remain private”, but adding that “of course, Karen looked absolutely incredible and the speeches were some of the funniest we‚Äôve ever heard!”

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Did you know that Karen Gillan had gotten married, or is this news to you? 

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