Keke Palmer’s Disney-Inspired Cooking Show Is Coming To Disney+


If you’ve followed actress and singer Keke Palmer’s career, then you probably already know that the actress has a strong connection with Disney! The singer and actress has worked with Disney Channel or Radio Disney several times, and now she’s taking her Disney affinity to the small screen with a cooking competition show! With shows like The Great British Baking Show having consistent popularity in recent years, there’s been a big demand for new baking or cooking content–and Keke is delivering that with ‘Foodtastic’, a new show coming to Disney+ on December 15th! The show will mainly focus on bakers or chefs creating “extravagant scene work” or sculptures out of food, and this  “incredible food art” will be specifically used to “re-envision Disney stories and create new ones”. If you want to see classic Disney scenes recreated through the medium of food, then this will be the show for you! As with any Disney competition show, the nature of the competition will be light-hearted and friendly, but the fact that “master food artists from around the world” are pooling their talents to create an edible version of “the world of your favorite Disney stories” means that the end results will be impressive! As said in the trailer for the show, the results will be “so good you can taste it”.

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Keke Palmer was not able to attend Destination D23 in person (which is the event at which the new show was just announced) but she sent in a video message that was played as an introduction to the show’s trailer. Keke expressed her excitement over the show and how it combines her love of Disney with her love of food. After seeing the trailer for ‘Foodtastic’, it looks like something that lots of Disney fanatics will be excited to watch! Food, classic Disney, and talented chefs all sound like the ingredients in a perfect recipe!

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