Legendary Imagineer Gets First Disney Tattoo at 90 Years Old

Bob Gurr
Credit: Disney (left); @bobgurrofficial (right)

Bob Gurr is a household name to any Disney Fanatics with a passion for Disney Parks history. Recruited by Walt himself to join what was then called W.E.D. Enterprises, Gurr is an engineer responsible for many of Disneyland and Disney World’s icons, including the Autopia Cars, the Matterhorn Roller Coaster, and–perhaps most famously–the Disneyland and Walt Disney World monorail system. And even though he is long retired, Gurr still famously carries a strong pride and affinity for the culture he helped create.

That affinity appears to have resulted in one of the original Imagineers getting his first “Disney Tattoo” at the age of 90.

Gurr shared the announcement on his official Instagram with a picture of his first tattoo, which sports the MK I Disneyland Monorail he helped design in 1959.

He said,

“Yes I got my first tattoo last week of my 1959 Disneyland Monorail MkI while cruising the Mediterranean around Spain on the radical cruise ship Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady.”

Bob Gurr

Credit: @bobgurrofficial

Made in partnership with Alweg, the MK1 Disneyland Monorail was the first operational monorail train system in the Western Hemisphere and remained one of the few to do so in operation. Gurr was part of the design team for the first seven generations of monorail, which are split between Disneyland and Disney World. His Mark VI monorails are still transporting Guests two and from the Magic Kingdom, select Resort Hotels, and EPCOT, while the Canadian-built Mark VIIs are a familiar sight at Disneyland Park, and it has been long-debated among fans when the next-generation Mark VIIIs will arrive in Florida.

Disneyland Monorail

Credit: Disney

Recently, Disney Tattoos have become the tell-tale signs of the so-called “Disney Adults.” But it seems that they might be an inevitable event in the life of anybody who has an affinity for the Parks, characters, and stories of the Walt Disney Company.


Credit: Disney

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