Pregnant Woman Faces Backlash After Choosing Disney Name

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Even though the Walt Disney Company and Disney Resorts like Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort might not be everyone’s favorite these days, plenty of Disney fans still have a place in their heart for Disney magic — and one Disney fan recently announced plans to name her baby a Disney name, despite receiving lots of negative feedback.

Brooklyn Berryhill is a TikTok user who recently shared a TikTok video revealing the name she had chosen for her baby, with 89 days to go before her due date. As a devout Disney fan, Brooklyn Berryhill (whose TikTok username is @bholman02) wanted to give her child a name that represented her love of the Walt Disney Company and all things Disney — just as many other Disney fans have done when it comes to choosing baby names.

Babies at Walt Disney World

A baby at Walt Disney World. Credit: Disney

However, instead of naming her child after a Disney character (or after Disney itself, like this mother did), the mom-to-be came up with a more subtle reference to Disney than other baby names: Sidney. Brooklyn showed an ultrasound picture in the TikTok video alongside some alphabet blocks and rearranged them to spell Sidney instead of Disney.


89 days until we get to finally meet you, Sidney ? #disneybaby #27weeks

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“89 days until we get to finally meet you, Sidney”, the pregnant woman wrote in the caption of her TikTok video. She also added the hashtag #disneybaby. Some people have commented with positive statements on the TikTok video, praising Brooklyn’s name choice and calling it a “cute” idea for the “most creative special adorable sweet name for a new Disney lover”, while others have vehemently criticized her choice.

Magic Kingdom Park Reopening

Two young guests stop to take a photo at Magic Kingdom Park, July 11, 2020, at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., on the first day of the theme park’s phased reopening. (Olga Thompson, photographer)

The Facebook group “Children Are Not Billboards for Your Fandoms” has been particularly negative about the video, with one person saying “I…cringed so hard I closed the app.” and another asking if the next child’s name will be Nisdey. “They should’ve spelt it Sydney,” another person wrote in a comment. “The kid is gonna have to spell their name out to every person!”.

Would you name your child after the Walt Disney Company, whether it was through a Disney character name or an anagram for Disney?


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