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Boston-bred actor Chris Evans is best known for playing one of the leading Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the successful actor has recently headed into space for a different reason — and he has just given D23 (the Official Disney Fan Club) the scoop on his new astronaut-focused film, revealing his inner Disney fanatic in the process!

The Knives Out star also showed up in Disneyland California Adventure Park to pose with some iconic Disney and Pixar characters, and he shared a video from the location to prove that he was there (after fans joked that the actor looked Photoshopped in the promotional photos from the day).

“My mother’s a giant Disney fan,” Evans told D23 on the D23 podcast. “Disney World was the number one vacation in our family [and] everything about what Disney meant to me as a child still is alive today. So whether I’m watching a Disney movie or riding a Disney ride — my inner child is very much alive and well…and that inner child is its happiest at Disney.”

When asked questions during D23’s Lightning Round on the podcast, Evans was excited to share his Disney passions. The actor chose Robin Hood as his favorite Disney movie and listed Iron Man and Mr. Incredible as two of his favorite superhero characters.


Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America opposite Hayley Atwell as Agent Carter/Peggy Carter. Credit: Marvel

When it came to Marvel movies that he had enjoyed filming the most, Evans said that it was “a tossup between Winter Soldier and Endgame.” His favorite Disney song is the opening theme song from¬†Robin Hood, his favorite Disney ride is the Avatar ride Flight of Passage, and his favorite Disney Resort is apparently Disney’s Contemporary Resort because it was part of his Disney childhood and has “a great view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks”.

“I always liked riding the monorail as a kid,” Evans added, and he struggled for a moment when choosing between favorite Disney desserts but finally concluded that Mickey ice cream bars are the best, because they’re “pretty great” — but second was, of course, the Dole whip dessert! For non-dessert options, Chris Evans said that he loves eating in the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater restaurant for lunch.

Buzz Lightyear Movie Reviews

Chris Evans stars in Lightyear as Buzz. Credit: Disney/Pixar

The¬†Lightyear¬†actor continued with the Lightning Round, choosing Belle as his favorite Disney princess and Scar as his favorite Disney villain (after another moment of internal debate). When it came to Marvel questions, Evans declared that Downey is unbeatable as the best actor for verbal sparring during filming, and that his favorite Marvel fight was the one with Tom Holland’s character Spider-Man because “there wasn’t rage to it, it was almost necessary”.

Evans did have two unexpected answers: his favorite Disney ride is actually Crush’s Coaster, in Disneyland Paris. In fact, the actor was ecstatic to learn that Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is similar to Crush’s Coaster, since he “was almost heartbroken” after coming back to the States without finding a similar ride until recently. Evan’s other unexpected answer was a sentimental one. “We were always allowed…[to] buy one thing” after a day at Disney, Evans reminisced.

chris-evans-captain-america (1)

Chris Evans as Captain America and Steve Rogers. Credit:

“There was one trip we all went on, and my older sister had bought one of those little porcelain figurines…She bought something kind of a little more delicate and precious so we all did as well.” The figurines Evans chose were ones of the mice from¬†Cinderella,¬† Jacques and Gus-Gus, and he apparently treasured them and showed them off in his room “through high school”.

Chris Evans made it clear during the new interview on the D23 podcast that he is a big Disney fan, and the actor surprised the podcast’s hosts as he excitedly shared his “Disney favorites”. Fans of the podcast can compare the American actor’s enthusiasm to that of the actor Topher Grace, who is also an unabashedly passionate Disney fan!

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