‘Lightyear’ Loses to ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’

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Audiences are all abuzz about the new Pixar Animation Studios movie Lightyear — but apparently, they are more enraptured with dinosaurs than astronauts! The new¬†Lightyear¬†film has just premiered in theaters on June 17, but¬†Jurassic World: Dominion¬†still has the new film beat even though it premiered back on June 10.

Lightyear Movie Poster

Lightyear Movie Poster Credit: Disney/Pixar

Disney and Marvel have lost several records they held in recent weeks when it comes to box office takings; the Top Gun¬†sequel called¬†Top Gun: Maverick¬†has beaten a classic Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End¬†record that had been going strong for 15 years, and the new Marvel movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness¬†has also just lost a record for the year of 2022 to¬†Top Gun: Maverick. Now it looks like¬†Lightyear¬†might be beaten by a Universal movie, too!

Initially, it was expected that¬†Lightyear would have an opening that made somewhere between $70 million and $85 million on its opening weekend. Unfortunately, the Pixar spin-off about Toy Story¬†character Buzz Lightyear (who was originally voiced by Tim Allen) only actually brought in $51 million on Father’s Day weekend — making its taking drastically lower than expected.

jurassic world dominion bryce dallas howard claire dearing

Therizinosaurus and Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing in Jurassic World: Dominion Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment

The newest film in the Jurassic Park universe, Jurassic World: Dominion, brought Universal and Amblin Entertainment a total of $58.7 million and dominated the weekend just as dinosaurs attempt to dominate humanity in the film franchise. Buzz Lightyear might be trying to go to infinity and beyond, but he has fallen short in theaters!

Buzz Lightyear Movie Reviews

Chris Evans stars in Lightyear as Buzz. Credit: Disney/Pixar

Lightyear was already set up for failure, unfortunately. Since many Disney fans now prefer to wait for new movies to come to the streaming service Disney+, Toy Story aficionados might be holding off on theater visits (especially in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic).


DeWanda Wise and Chris Pratt star in Jurassic World: Dominion. Credit: Universal

The fact that¬†Jurassic World: Dominion¬†and¬†Top Gun: Maverick¬†have been stealing all the limelight this summer has made them a more likely choice for theater-goers, too — and the fact that Jurassic World: Dominion not only brings back some iconic Jurassic Park¬†characters (including the franchise’s very first villain, Dodson) but also features scenes meant for the big screen means that Lightyear¬†was looking less and less alluring in cinemas.

jurassic world dominion

Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Pratt, Isabella Sermon, and DeWanda Wise star in Jurassic World: Dominion. Credit: Universal

Reviews from those people who did see¬†Lightyear¬†have been positive, however. The film follows the astronaut Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Marvel actor Chris Evans instead of Tim Allen) who inspired the toy in the Toy Story¬†movies. Other voice actors in the movie’s cast include Uzo Aduba, James Brolin, Keke Palmer, Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi, and Bill Hader.

Buzz Lightyear movie banned

Credit: Disney/Pixar

Are you going to see Lightyear in theaters, or are you waiting to watch the Pixar movie on Disney+? Would you rather see Lightyear or Jurassic World: Dominion in theaters?

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