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Living Nightmare: Disney Voids Guest’s $1000 Gift Card

A Disney Guest found themself living a nightmare when Disney voided their $1000 gift card that they had saved up for years.

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort vacations are expensive and are only getting more so, whether by the cost of the ticket, or the Disney experience on the whole. Some Annual Pass and Magic Key holders can visit the Theme Parks frequently, but many families often save for years to have a truly special family trip to a Disney Park or Disney Resort.

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That was precisely what happened for Guest and Reddit user u/Consistent_Parking63. The Guest decided to purchase six gift cards totaling $1,000 over two years to use for their upcoming Walt Disney World Resort vacation. The user then used a Disney app to combine the gift cards into one gift card worth $1000.

However, this weekend, when the Guest checked their balance on the card, they realized that the massive $1000 balance had been completely voided and was now showing “—.—.”

Check it out:

my $1000.00 gift card ‘voided’ from DisneyWorld

Shocked, when the Guest called Disney Cards & Services to speak with a supervisor, they heard that there was “nothing they can do” and directed the Guest to contact Walt Disney World Resort Guest services instead.

The Guest was obviously devastated.

“As of now, I feel like Disney just stole 1,000 dollars from me in exchange for nothing…Has this happened to anyone before? What steps did you take to handle this messy situation?”

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The user added in a comment:

“I only have the 6 Order Numbers which I gave to Guest Services. once you load an e-gift card onto another card, the card becomes inactive as it has a 0.00 balance. I took screenshots of everything and shared to Guest Services so they know I’m not trying to pull a fast one…Never been to WDW and I am on disability. This is my dream vacation and will probably be a once in a lifetime trip. I just hope a supervisor can look over this situation.”

Another user, u/sassi411, added in a comment, “I want to reassure you that Disney isn’t the kind of company that will just steal your money like that. Their websites and systems are notoriously buggy. A lot of times everything is fine on the backend where they can see it. I’ve always had more luck with calling rather than email or chat.”

Thankfully, in a recent edit, the user updated, “It is being resolved. for anyone buying disney gift cards, SAVE ALL OF YOUR CARDS/EGIFT CARD NUMBERS!”

With the rising Disney prices, it’s no surprise that the user was concerned with the situation, but it appears it is on an upward trajectory. Hopefully, this Disney fan will be able to have their Disney experience soon.

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