Magic Kingdom Experiences That'll Convert Disney-Haters

Castle Balloons

Let's Recap!

1. The wonderful world of FastPass+ - A while back Disney came up with an ingenious response to increasingly lengthy wait times and long lines.  
2. Traveling through the park  - Any visitor will quickly discover they don’t have to shuffle around Magic Kingdom Park all day long on foot.  
3. Seeing where fact meets fantasy in theming - There is nothing messy or off about the theming within Magic Kingdom Park.
4. Attention to history and architecture - On a similar note to our previous point, we now turn our attention to Disney’s architectural design marvels and accuracy regarding history at play in all the theming and design choices within Magic Kingdom Park.
5. Well-balanced thrills and moderation - One particularly frustrating fact that most theme parks tend to share in common with each other is a limited style and degree designation to the thrills (or underwhelming thrills) in the attractions that that particular park houses.
6. Cleverly hidden placements - You may never have realized it, but Walt Disney World Resort is a great place for uncovering secrets and finding hidden references.
7. Behind the scenes tours and extras - There’s so much more to Disney Parks than what you see on the surface.
8. Delicious dining - It isn’t often that you expect to find scrumptious quality dining within the limits of any theme park.
9. Pleasant attitudes- Perhaps the simplest, yet in many ways, most meaningful experience sure to thaw the ice in any hardened Disney-hating demeanor is good old kindness.

By Laura

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