Man Pushing Anti-Disney Campaign Under Fire for Family Disney Vacation

Boycott Disney
Credit: @JackPosobiec; @realtanyatay

He is a part of one of the many Anti-Disney campaigns on the rise at the moment. But it appears that right before he started, he took his family to Disney World, and his following is not happy.

His name is Jack Posobiec, and he has been hard at work blasting Disney as a bunch of “groomers” and claiming that they abuse children, among other things, on social media. According to The Daily Dot, he has been suspended for promoting the sale of shirts that say “Boycott Groomers” and “Bring Ammo.”

But now, his passionate peers and opportunistic trolls have found out that he took his wife and children to Walt Disney World just last month.

His wife shared a family picture of everybody smiling in front of Cinderella Castle on March 24.

Posobiec family Disney Picture

Credit: @realtanyatay

Some of the comments have included the following:

“Surprised you would take your precious children to the demon mouse to have them indoctrinated into this horrific place.”

“You didn’t boycott the groomers world? I must say I’m surprise tbh really surprised, I thought jack didn’t like the groomers at Disney, and i love jack btw.”

Cries of hypocrisy have also streamed into more recent content with comments like “Didn’t someone just post a picture standing in front of Disney a week ago…”

Posobiec’s wife commented on her picture saying that it could have been their first and last picture in front of the Castle together.

Walt Disney World Railroad

Credit: Disney

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It is doubtful that this situation is unique to the Posobiec family. Many families who have loved The Walt Disney Company all their life are now struggling to stay quiet, beginning to turn away from what it has become. Situations like this appear to separate the true “Disney haters” and those who just want the “groomers” to go away so they can enjoy The Most Magical Place On Earth without the “guilt” that they are funding agendas they do not agree with.

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