‘Boycott Disney!’: Protesters Gather at Disneyland Entrance

Protest at Disneyland
Credit: @DrewHLive; Turning Point, USA

It was only a few days ago that protestors gathered outside Walt Disney Company Headquarters to protest the company’s commitment to a plethora of “far-left” ideologies. Now, it appears another group of protestors has gathered right outside the Disneyland Resort.

Reporter Drew Hernandez (@DrewHLive) was on-scene in the early hours of April 14 and shared some footage of the event on Twitter. It is unclear how many people were in attendance this morning, and it is unknown if any altercations involving Guests trying to get through the crowd occurred.

We now know that both the protest at Disney HQ in Burbank and Disneyland in Anaheim were organized by a group called “Hold the Line” — a Christian organization fighting against Disney’s push to inject more sexualizing LGBTQ+ content into its children’s programming.

Like the protest before it, this one also had a Disneyland Cast Member take the mic–possibly the same one as before, but it is unclear. She says she can no longer stand for what Disney was doing and calls for her peers still inside to stand up and fight.

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2022 has seen Disney take a very open and arguably aggressive push in its “far-left” agenda. We at Disney Fanatic have been keeping up with the story as it has developed. We shared how Disney CEO Bob Chapek caved to pressures and positioned the Mouse House against Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education Law” and announced it would work to actively repeal the legislation. We then saw leaked footage from Disney’s Reimagine Tomorrow meeting surface, which showed executives making a commitment to pushing a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” on its youngest viewers and even going so far as to have Cast Members stop calling Guests “Princess.”

Disney Gay Agenda

Credit: Disney

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Meanwhile, Cast Members who are against the aggressive stance released an open letter, sharing how they have to hide amid a toxic work environment. And this reporter has personally seen fans already announcing their departure from Disney on social media as they cancel their Disney+ subscriptions and Disney World vacations.

Disney’s stock price has been down significantly since the start of the calendar year–over $26/share. But, with both Hong Kong Disneyland and the Shanghai Disney Resort shuttered again due to Covid concerns, it is unclear at this time how much of that slide is due to the protests–if any.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to update our readers on Disney news as more developments come to light.

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