Poll: 68% of Americans ‘Unlikely’ to Stay with Disney Due to Child-Focused Woke Agenda

Disney Fan Poll
Credit: Trafalgar Group (edited)

For almost the entirety of 2022, so far, The Walt Disney Company has appeared to be the subject of divisive debate around far-left subjects like Critical Race Theory and the promotion of LGBTQ+ content to children. But after Disney announced it would work to actively undermine Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida’s State government over the “Parental Rights in Education Law,” and after footage from Disney’s Reimagine Tomorrow meeting leaked to the public that unveiled Disney’s “not-at-all-secret gay agenda,” and its push to help fund gender reassignment surgery for children, the gloves have come off as the now-former fans announce their departures via canceling Disney+ subscriptions and trips to Disneyland or Disney World.

Disney Gay Agenda

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It would be fair enough to say that talk is just, well, talk–especially on Facebook. But this revolt has gone beyond social media rants. We recently covered that a protest took place outside Walt Disney Co. headquarters, and now a new survey from the Trafalgar Group has shared results that might make Disney start worrying about their wallets.

In a survey conducted with over 1,000 respondents over the course of last weekend, people were asked two questions:

  1. News reports reveal Disney is focusing on creating content to expose young children to sexual ideas. Does this make you more or less likely to do business with Disney?
  2. How likely are you to support family-friendly alternatives to Disney?

According to the results, 68.2% of overall participants said they were less likely to do further business with the Mouse House. That includes over 48% of participants identifying as a democrat (39.3% of the total group), over 85% of those identifying as a republican (35.6%), and over 72% of those who did not identify as non-partisan or some other party (25.1%).

As for the second question, 69.1% of overall participants said they were likely to support family-friendly alternatives to Disney. That includes 58.6% of Democrats, 77.6% of Republicans, and 72.1% of the non-partisan/third-party group.

But will these words manifest themselves into action against Disney?

Cast Member Speaking at Rally

Credit: @DrewHLive

22.5% of the overall responders–37.4% of Democrats and over 10% of Republicans–already said the fact that Disney is focusing on creating content to expose young children to sexual ideas makes no difference in how they do business with the company. 30.8% of overall participants–41.4% of Democrats and 22.4% of Republicans–already said they are unlikely to support non-Disney alternatives.

Click here to read the full report for yourself. 

Only time will tell if voices will be heard and Disney will be financially coerced to once again return to its original side of the current culture war.

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