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Meet the Secret Police Who Patrol Disney Parks

Animated characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck stand in front of Cinderella Castle at Disney World, appearing to interact comically. Just beyond them, discreet but vigilant Disney World security ensures everyone's safety. The sky is clear with a hint of clouds, and the castle stands majestically in the background. Walt disney world security.
Credit: Disney Fanatic

With the amount of security threats and guests fighting in Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, it will be no surprise to many Disney fans that The Walt Disney Company has security measures like police and guard dogs in place.

Recently, a Disney visitor met with a member of Walt Disney World Resort’s secret police force after their phone was stolen, and the undercover police officer confirmed more details about the extra security that guests don’t even usually know about!


Credit: Disney Fanatic

After a Disney visitor noticed that their phone had been stolen from their pocket (this happened before the guest had even entered the theme park), the visitor spoke to guest Services, and one of the Disney park’s secret police showed up.

Apparently, the undercover cop “looked like someone’s dad dressed in a baseball cap, T-shirt, zip-up hoodie, and some baggy blue jeans.” He explained that Disney parks actually have “tons of [undercover cops] running around, but that Disney park guests would never know”!

What does Disney do with your fingerprints?

Credit: Disney

This is partly in order to maintain some control in event of emergencies (especially in light of the fact that Disney guests have been misbehaving on an unprecedented level in recent years, including fistfighting and being arrested), but also in an effort to avoid diluting the Disney magic since people often find security guards to be intimidating and distracting.

Walt Disney World Resort also has plenty of highly skilled guard dogs at the Disney parks.

guests riding dumbo, magic kingdom

Credit: Disney

Now that you know that Disney has far more security in place than you thought and that you’ve most likely been standing right next to undercover cops plenty of times on a Disney vacation, it’s more important than ever to abide by Disney rules (and to report anything suspicious)!

Have you ever had to report something to Walt Disney World security? Tell us about the experience in the comments below!

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  1. I once saw how they handled a shoplifter. She was hand cuffed and they draped her sweater over the hand cuffs. She was still wearing her purse, and security had the item she tried to steal in a Disney bag. They were all very calm and discreet. Even shoplifting the security was polite to her.

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