Meet the “Female Indiana Jones”

dr mireya mayor national geographic indiana jones
Credit: National Geographic
As part of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Month, Disney has been showcasing female Cast Members and significant female historical figures. The newest addition to this entourage is the “female Indiana Jones”, a bonafide National Geographic explorer who seems like she stepped out of an Uncharted scene or an Indiana Jones adventure movie!
On the Disney Parks Blog, Dr. Mireya Mayor is being honored as “a world-renowned primatologist and explorer”. If the only primatologist that you’ve heard of is Jane Goodall, you’re missing out!
Dr. Mayor was a NFL cheerleader before she decided to follow her real dream and become a “respected primatologist, audacious explorer and the first female wildlife correspondent for National Geographic”. Now this female Indiana Jones is inspiring young women along the way and explirng everywhere from the Middle East to South America as the ultimate explorer!

When asked about her work in the environmental sciences, Dr. Mireya Mayor said that female representation was a big priority for her. “One of the main reasons I accepted the position [with National Geographic] was not only the incredible opportunity to speak and educate about endangered species, but for young girls who love science to see themselves on screen, it shows them that they can also follow their dreams,” Dr. Mireya Mayor explained.

dr mireya mayor national geographic indiana jones

National Geographic explorer Dr. Mireya Mayor holding a mouse lemur, the world’s smallest primate. Credit: Mark Thiessen

“Women are making daily contributions, we have earned a place at the table, and we need to use our voices to create change, innovation requires diversity and unique perspectives,” the wildlife correspondent, explorer, and primatologist added.

Dr. Mayor’s adventures have often involved “little more than a backpack, notebooks, and hiking boots”, and she is the ultimate multi-tasker. This particular National Geographic wildlife correspondent has inspired many other women to pursue work in exploration or science while also surviving hazards from wild animals like poisonous insect bites, evading gorillas on the rampage, and escaping angry elephants!

dr mireya mayor national geographic indiana jones

National Geographic explorer Dr. Mireya Mayor Credit: Brent Stirton

Even though National Geographic explorer Dr. Mayor has been to some of the most exotic and most remote places across the globe, she still classifies Walt Disney World Resort as her family’s “favorite place on the planet”!

“Disney has a magic, a place of creativity and imagination, where boundaries are pushed and there is no limit. I want to instill that in children, and we should all strive to search beyond our scope of imagination including the sciences,” the National Geographic explorer told the Disney Parks Blog.

If you would like to learn more about National Geographic Explorers (including Dr. Mayor herself), then check out the North America portion of the National Geographics Live 2021-22 season presented by Office Depot! You can see the speakers’ schedule on


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