Minnie Mouse Honors Female Cast Members In a Parisian Event Series

cast members disneyland paris
Female Cast Members being celebrated in Disneyland Paris Resort for Women's History Month and Women's International Month, as part of the Celebrate Her Story campaign.

International Women’s Month has begun, and the classic Disney character Minnie Mouse will not be left behind in the celebrations — especially across the pond in Disneyland Paris! 16,000 Cast Members work in Disneyland Paris Resort, with 43 percent of them being female employees in positions of leadership, and the iconic Minnie Mouse character is joining these female Disneyland Paris employees as they are being honored!

Keynote speeches and women-led workshops ushered in this International Women’s Month in Parisian style, with Minnie Mouse tagging along (as seen in the Tweet below), and several female Cast Members were also interviewed briefly about the Disney magic that they have experienced as women working in Disneyland Paris Resort. Disneyland Paris is also celebrating its 30th anniversary!

“As a woman at Disneyland Paris, I feel recognized for my professional abilities, appreciated by my team, and welcome in a friendly atmosphere”, one Disneyland Paris chef said in the interview shown below. “I have the flexibility that empowers me to deal with daily challenges calmly, quickly, and efficiently”, said another.

Disneyland Paris allowed women from many different Disney Company departments to share their perspectives about the Disneyland Paris workplace, with departments ranging from horticulture to dining to consumer goods.

Disneyland Paris

The Sleeping Beauty Castle within Disneyland Paris Credit: Disney

“I feel like I belong. I feel respected and safe to express myself. And I also feel that I have the same career opportunities as men,” one Disneyland Paris employee said. “Being a woman at Disneyland Paris means freedom!” another Cast Member added enthusiastically.

The new Minnie Mouse pantsuit that this Disney mouse wears might not be a fan favorite when compared to her signature polka dots (although Minnie Mouse does make an appearance wearing the new outfit designed by the British designer Stella McCartney, in the video above during the 30th-anniversary celebration for Disneyland Paris Resort), but Minnie also donned plenty of different outfits for the Disneyland Paris workshops and keynote speeches kicking off the women-led month.

minnie mouse pantsuit

The iconic Minnie Mouse representing some of her signature polka dots in her new look, a Stella McCartney pantsuit designed by the British designer Stella McCartney which was unveiled during the 30th anniversary at Disneyland Paris and caused some Disney fans to compare the Disney character to Hillary Clinton. Credit: @DLPReport

Disneyland Paris Cast Members also got to witness something unique: a roundup of Minnie Mouse costumes and her great style from the past 30 years, displayed in an elegant exhibit! Check out some of these iconic costumes worn by the iconic Minnie Mouse in the Tweet below!

These celebrations of female employees are particularly timely as part of the Disney Company’s Reimagine Tomorrow initiative, which is focused on increasing equality and inclusivity throughout the company. Since it’s also meant to be a celebration of International Women’s Day and International Women’s Month, a classic female Disney character like the iconic Minnie Mouse is a great Disney character to accompany these women during exhibitions and keynote speeches, too!

Are you planning on celebrating International Women’s Month in your own way in the United States at Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, and which other Disney characters would you like to see participating in events celebrating women or female Cast Members?


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