Chapek Announces Expanded Benefits for Employees

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In the recent 2022 Disney Company shareholders’ meeting, Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced that Cast Members and Disney employees are getting some extended benefits from the Disney Company in keeping with Disney’s forward-facing focus on inclusivity.

“What we stand for as a company matters,” Chapek said during the meeting, “and soon we’ll be sharing our updated corporate values with our employees and Cast Members around the world.” One thing that was made clear now, however, was that inclusivity will “remain a priority” and that “amplifying underrepresented voices” will also continue to grow as a priority for Disney.

The company-wide initiative to place inclusivity at the forefront of the Disney Company was announced last year and is called Reimagine Tomorrow, and CEO Bob Chapek said in the 2022 meeting that the conversations since the initiative’s inception “are having a positive impact, increasing awareness and facilitating constructive dialogue”.

Cast Members

Disney Cast Members at EPCOT in Walt Disney World Resort Credit: Disney

Chapek then went on to praise Disney employees. “At Disney we are proud to be one of the most admired and beloved companies in the world, and first and foremost that is a reflection of our people,” the CEO said.  “Our Cast Members and employees are what make the Disney difference”, he added, and he praise their “commitment, hard work and heart”, saying that Disney employees were a daily source of inspiration for him.

The “well-being and aspirations” of Disney Cast Members “are always foremost in our efforts”, Chapek added, and “we will continue to support them in meaningful, personalized ways”.

Some of this support comes in the form of competitive pay and comprehensive benefits like family leave and childcare programs, but Disney also offers higher education access for employees (with hourly employees receiving opportunities to enroll in the Disney Aspire program, and salaried employees receiving other higher education offerings).

Cast Member

Moli, a Disney Resort and Spa Cast Member and Legacy Award recipient Credit: Disney Parks Blog

“Our success as a company is about more than just our business results. It’s just as important that we be a great employer, providing a workplace where all employees feel welcomed and supported,” Chapek said in the shareholders’ meeting.

During the shareholders’ meeting, several Disney Cast Members were also shown singing the Disney Company’s praises. “Working here at Disney, I have found my place and I have found the people that help me shine and I help others shine,” one Cast Member said when asked about their experience working for Disney.

Cast Member Star Wars

A ‘Star Wars’ Cast Member and performer in character.

“It makes my dreams come true knowing that I can create dreams and magic for other people,” said another Cast Member. Others described the Disney Company and Disney Park workplace as one filled with a sense of “family”, “home”, and a focus on “creating happiness” for Guests.

Even in the face of some Disney Company controversies lately (particularly Disney’s reaction to Florida’s anti-LGBTQ bill) that disappointed many Cast Members, it seems like Disney Cast Members are still happy with the level of Disney magic in their employment overall — and the comprehensive benefits seem like they will continue to increase employee satisfaction over time, as will the continued efforts of the Reimagine Tomorrow initiative!

Festival of Fantasy

Cast Members in character as the Disney princess Belle and her Beast in the Festival of Fantasy Parade Credit: Brittany DiCologero / Disney Fanatic

If you have a positive Disney experience as a Guest and experience a magical moment, then remember to compliment Cast Members who made that magical moment happen (and if they’re wearing a blue name tag, ask them why)!

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