You Might Be A Disney Fanatic If...
You Might Be A Disney Fanatic If...

You Might Be a Disney Fanatic If…

If you are slightly obsessed with Disney, you probably won’t need a list to confirm that you are a Disney fanatic. Your family already knows it, your friends certainly know it, and even that grocery store clerk is fully aware. You’re the “go-to” Disney vacation planner in town, friends and strangers alike coming to you for advice. You go to the parks so often that you know the Dapper Dans on a first-name basis, and are convinced that if Jeopardy was entirely Disney-centered, you’d be a millionaire. It’s a fascination that some people just don’t “get,” but that’s never stopped you from being unabashedly preoccupied with and devoted to Disney. If you aren’t quite certain of your “Disney fanatic” status, check out this list below. Chances are if you identify with more than a couple, you’re a true-blue, diehard Disney-ite.

You might be a Disney fanatic if…

50. You’ve spent more time than you’d like to admit looking at the Disney Parks on Google Earth.

49. Your default homepage is set to a Disney blog/site.

48. You wear your MagicBand at home, just because.

47. You start getting panicky when you realize your at-home-stash of Disney hotel toiletries is about to run out.

46. You spend a good deal of time hunting down vintage Disney memorabilia on Ebay.

45. You own variously scented candles just to recreate the smells at Disney.

44. You own a Disney-themed appliance…because toast just tastes better coming out of a Mickey toaster.

43. Watching ALL Disney DVD Extras is of vital importance to you.

42. You know every Disney “Easter Egg” in every movie, even spotting Pinocchio in Tangled with your own eyes.

41. You are a pro at writing in “Disney font.”

40. You can mouth-along to all 28 and a half minutes of The American Adventure attraction.

39. People become annoyed by the frequency with which you randomly break out into Disney songs.

38. You’ve asked people to pass you the “dinglehopper” at the dinner table.

37. When someone asks you for the mustard, you indignantly respond, “Mustard?! Don’t let’s be silly!”

36. You incorporate words like “golly,” “gee,” and “swell” into normal conversation as often as possible.

35. You rate things in life on a scale of 1 to Disney.

34. You have more Disney-themed attire than your children.

33. With or without children, character meet and greets are a “must-do” at Disney Parks.

32. You know who Mad Madame Mim is, and she still makes a guest appearance in your nightmares.

31. You’ve spent countless hours researching your ancestry because you just KNOW that you have Disney in your blood.

30. In your eyes, all boats are pirate ships, every crescent moon is a smiling Cheshire cat, and fairies DO exist.

29. Your internet usernames are typically Disney monikers (i.e. DisneyNut71, SoarAnn, C3PJoe, etc.), and your password security questions are all challenging Disney trivia that most people don’t have the answers to.

28. When you tell people you are going on vacation, they respond with, “Say ‘hi’ to Mickey for me!”

27. You spend your free time watching Youtube videos of Disney attractions and parades.

26. Every time you visit Disney, SOMETHING will make you tear up/cry. (i.e. Wishes fireworks, watching children meet the characters, Celebrate the Magic castle show, etc.)

25. You’ve been so desperate for a Disney food fix that you’ve attempted to recreate a Dole Whip, Mickey Premium Bar or Turkey Leg at home.

24. You become borderline ferocious when people say they prefer Universal over Disney.

23. You snap and post a pic of every “Hidden Mickey” you discover as you go about your day. Every. Single. One.

22. Every classic board game you own is Disney themed (i.e. Disney Monopoly, Disney Trivial Pursuit, Disney Pictionary, etc.)

21. You don’t stop at Mickey Mouse pancakes. There are Mickey Mouse shaped sandwiches, pizzas, fruit….you name it!

20. You “Disney-fy” every holiday. Mickey Jack-o-Lanterns, a Disney-themed Christmas tree, and patriotic Mickey shirts are musts every season.

19. Speaking of holidays, you/your family will always, without fail, be a Disney character for Halloween. No exceptions.

18. Birthday parties are ALWAYS Disney themed.

17. You have your very own Disney “vault” which houses every last Disney movie known to mankind, even “Atlantis: The Lost Empire.”

16. You have a daughter named Aurora, Esmerelda, or Belle.

15. You have a son named Walt, Flynn or Jack Sparrow.

14. You have a pet named Stitch, Pluto, or Maximus.

13. You feel a duty to tell fellow bus/train/subway passengers to “please stand clear of the doors” in both English and Spanish.

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12. You share this piece of advice quite often: “If you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”

11. You have the Disney advanced dining reservations phone number at the top of your contact list.

10. Your ringtone is set to the music from Disney’s Electrical Parade.

9. Your alarm/text tone is set to the howling wolf from The Haunted Mansion attraction.

8. All birthday and Christmas gift shopping is done inside the Disney theme parks or at

7. Your vehicle has a Mickey antennae topper, Disney bumper stickers, a Turkey Leg air freshener, and a Cinderella’s Castle rear window decal.

6. You dub your tax return, “Disney Annual Pass/Vacation Money.”

5. You have a whole wall in your house dedicated to your Splash Mountain souvenir photos.

4. When you are sick, your only medicine is a Disney Classics movie marathon.

3. You invite yourself into strangers’ conversations the minute you hear the word, “Disney.”

2. You become really, really, REALLY melancholy the night before your last vacation day at Disney…

1. …And you cry a little bit when you have to leave.

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