Moana’s Limited Edition Makeup Collection Has Been Released

Credit: BĂ©same Cosmetics

In honor of Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration, BĂ©same Cosmetics has released Moana’s makeup kit! This kit is called the “Moana Disney Princess Signature Compact” and contains a limited-edition makeup compact, “a natural gold highlight powder”, and a “neutral berry-brown” lipstick. If you loved the limited-edition Princess Tiana compact and lipstick kit (which might be sold out on the BĂ©same Cosmetics website, but is still available on!), then think of the Moana compact as a more warm-toned summery option. Tiana’s makeup kit was designed with a 1920s jazz style in mind, so the Tiana lipstick was a deep oxblood berry (although the highlighter powder is still the same shade) — but according to the product description, Moana’s Signature Compact is meant to be “perfect for any adventure on the sea”.

Credit: BĂ©same Cosmetics

If you weren’t already tempted by the toned-down yet flattering lipstick color and the warm golden powder reminiscent of days on the sand, then the compact’s external decor will be some extra motivation! The compact’s imagery features “artwork inspired by 18th century bone carvings on a rose gold background”, and is meant to encompass “Moana’s home, sea, and the need for adventure”. “Moana” is also engraved on the compact’s mirror, and the entire product was “made from a completely unique mold [that] cannot be found anywhere else”. 

Credit: BĂ©same Cosmetics

Even though Moana is a Disney princess who prefers coconuts and teak furnishings over elegant styles, this compact is “rose gold-plated” with a refined look and a “sturdy metal construction”. It’s refillable, which is another big perk for consumers, and the compact also has a “center magnet to hold the pan” as well as a “snap closure to keep [the] powder safe.” As with BĂ©same Cosmetics’s other Disney princess products, this compact’s powder is cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, vegan, and “sustainably made in California”.

Credit: BĂ©same Cosmetics

While the Moana Lipstick may not be as sensual as Tiana’s lipstick is, it’s a much more forgiving everyday color–and since this makeup duo costs $125, something that can be used often might be more economical than something you’ll only use on rare occasions! Moana’s lipstick was “based on the pigments used for the character in the 2016 film”, and is a fitting “neutral berry-brown”. Even though it’s not a bold color per see, it’s “triple pigmented” and “feather proof” with a “long-wearing satin finish”. Although it does have a vanilla flavor, Vitamin E, and squalane, it’s otherwise meant to be for those with sensitive skin. It’s also got the same cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and sustainably-made status as the highlighter, with the addition of being mineral-oil free instead of vegan. 

What do you think of Moana’s compact and lipstick? BĂ©same Cosmetics is known for its Disney princess makeup lines, and has at least one more princess kit (Snow White‘s) on the way for the Ultimate Princess Celebration, so keep an eye out for more news from us about their product launches–and be warned: these makeup duos sell out very fast! The Moana compact is sold out on the site already, but it’s available on too.

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