Months Later, Damaged Disney World Building Remains in Disrepair

damaged Hollywood Studios Building
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More than four months ago, Guests were shocked when the facade of a popular store in Walt Disney World collapsed before their eyes. Keystone Clothiers on Hollywood Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios currently sells a lot of great Star Wars and Marvel merchandise and is a popular stop for Guests entering the Parks. On September 26, 2022, Guests visiting Hollywood Studios were startled to see the facade of Keystone Clothiers completely collapse. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but the damage appeared to be extensive.

Keystone Clothiers

Credit: Ozborn82 Twitter

In the past, Disney has always been pretty fast about fixing major damage, so theme park Guests don’t see things broken for a long time. However, it has been four months and, according to social media, the Keystone Clothiers storefront is still not fixed. Twitter user Evan Patel (@EvanPatel11) visited Hollywood Studios on January 29 and shared a picture showing walls up around the entrance. Evan was shocked that, after such a long time, Disney still had not fixed the damaged area.


Over the past few years, theme park Guests have been complaining that Disney — mainly now-fired CEO Bob Chapek — were not putting money into the Parks for upkeep as they should. Disney Parks used to be known as some of the cleanest places you could go, with gorgeous attractions. Sadly, Guests now share pictures of overflowing trash cans, peeling paint, and broken animatronics on a regular basis. Not long after Bob Iger took over as CEO of The Walt Disney Company once again, financial filings revealed that Disney did plan on investing more money into the theme parks.

broken lamppost hollywood studios

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At this time, we do not know what caused the facade to collapse in the first place. It had not been raining too much, so the accident did not appear to be weather-related. There had also not been reports of the facade looking like it was rotting before its untimely collapse. Thankfully, it looks like crews are working on the storefront, and it will hopefully be fixed before we know it.

Keystone Clothiers is still open and fully operational, and the collapsed facade has not affected daily operations. In addition to Star Wars and Marvel merchandise, Guests can also purchase some limited-edition 50th Anniversary merchandise before Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th Anniversary comes to an end on March 31!

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