Need FastPasses At Magic Kingdom? Here Are A Few You Won’t Need To Consider!

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The Magic Kingdom is home to many, many attractions, but not all of them require you to use a FastPass to experience the ride. Here is our list of the fifteen attractions that don’t require a FastPass and why you can save them for another ride!

15 – Swiss Family Treehouse – this attraction is located in Adventureland and allows guests to explore the treehouse home of the Robinsons. You actually cannot get a FastPass for this attraction, but one wouldn’t be necessary as guests can walk-on at their leisure. Try heading up there during Wishes for an amazing view!

14 – Enchanted Tiki Room – a Walt Disney original also in Adventureland, the Enchanted Tiki Room runs continuous shows throughout the day. You will never have to wait longer than the length of one show. There is plenty of seating inside for guests, as well as plenty of air-conditioning!

13 – Magic Carpets of Aladdin – this is a classic spinner attraction that allows guests to travel on magic carpets. This ride is eligible for FastPass, but one isn’t needed as wait times rarely exceed 10 or 15 minutes. If the wait is too long for you, stop by either the Sunshine Tree Terrace or Aloha Isle for a savory treat and try back in a little bit!

12 – Tom Sawyer Island – boats run continuously back and forth to Tom Sawyer Island from park open to dusk. The line may get long, but with boats running constantly, the wait is never that long. Once on the island, guests are allowed to meander the island at their leisure and you can even take some time off and enjoy a rocking chair overlooking the Rivers of America!

11 – Country Bear Jamboree – located in Frontierland, the Country Bear Jamboree offers plenty of seating for guests. Very similar to the Enchanted Tiki Room, you will never have to wait longer than one show to get in. As you pass by the attraction, you can even look at the wall clock and see how long it is until the next show!

10 – it’s a small world – even though it is a classic attraction, wait times rarely exceed 20 minutes to get on a boat. We would recommend trying to ride earlier in the day for the shortest wait time. Again, if the wait is too long, head to another Fantasyland attraction and try back in a little bit!

9 – Character Meet and Greets at Town Square Theatre – we hypothesize that wait times to meet Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell at Town Square Theatre are generally short because people walk past it without realizing it is there and they are more focused on other signature attractions. I’ve been able to meet both characters there with less than a 15 minute wait for each!

8 – Tomorrowland Transit Authority – some people believe that this is one of the best attractions at the Magic Kingdom. Part of the reason for that belief may be that you can generally walk on to the attraction. It offers a wonderful second-story view of Tomorrowland and guests are able to cool down and relax!

7 – Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor – also located in Tomorrowland, Monster’s, Inc. Laugh Floor is not an attraction to be missed! The attraction has a high capacity and guests will not have to wait longer than one show to be able to experience the comedic delights of the citizens of Monstropolis!

6 – Stitch’s Great Escape – located across the street from Monsters, Inc. this attraction never has a line and guests are able to walk right in to experience the attraction. A combination of factors contribute to this rides short line, but if you’re looking for something to do quickly, this attraction certainly fits the bill!

5 – Mad Tea Party – lines are very short here, never exceeding 20 minutes or so. We think this is based on the fact that guests have experience a teacup ride at other amusement parks or county fairs before coming to Disney. There is not any kind of difference that this ride offers that creates any kind of buzz with guests. If you do ride, try one of the purple teacups – they spin a little bit faster!

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4 – Mickey’s Philharmagic – you can get a FastPass for this attraction, but you don’t need one because of the size of the auditorium. You may have to wait for a show to cycle through, but you’ll have no problem getting into the next show. We really like this attraction and try and do it on every trip!

3 – Prince Charming Regal Carrousel – similar to the Mad Tea Party, guests have experience carousels at other parks than Disney. There isn’t anything different about the carrousel at Disney, but guests do enjoy trying to find Cinderella’s favorite horse when riding. Guests should also take note that the carrousel is the oldest attraction on property!

2 – Hall of Presidents – once an E-ticket attraction, the Hall of Presidents popularity has waned since the Magic Kingdom opened. I’ve never had to wait longer than a show to get in and guests are able to view a small clock above the door to the lobby to see how much longer it is until the next showing!

1 – The Barnstormer – located in Storybook Circus, the Barnstormer can get lines at various times during the day, but never longer than 30 minutes. It is a great coaster for the little ones to experience, but you shouldn’t use a FastPass for it. If the line is a little long, you can always take a ride on Walt Disney World Railroad from the train station located right next door.

FastPasses can help make your touring in the Magic Kingdom easier by allowing you to get the premier, headliner attractions accomplished with a little wait, but don’t waste one of your FastPasses on these attractions. You’ll easily be able to experience them all without the aid of a FastPass. What do you think? What is your FastPass no-nos when visiting the Magic Kingdom?

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