Need Holiday Treats? Try Making This Gingerbread Almond Cake Pop From Frontierland

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

In the blog post, Keke reflected on Christmas traditions and holiday dining. “For my family, there’s nothing like gathering together to bake and decorate mom’s Christmas sugar cookies while listening to Holiday music,” Keke said. “We have fun, and I can decorate a great snowman cookie, but our talents don’t compare to those you’ll find on the latest series on Disney+! Well…maybe mom’s talents compare!”

Whether or not you’re an A-list chef like the contestants on the upcoming Disney+ show, you can still try to make this relatively easy cake pop! A Mickey-shaped silicone mold will be necessary to get the Minnie Mouse Cake Pop shape. The ingredients needed are butter, sugar, molasses, almond flour, flour, baking powder, coarse salt, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, melting chocolate, red cocoa butter, and eggs! Edible glitter and chocolate bows will also be needed if you want to decorate the pops. You can read the exact recipe here!

The Disney Parks Blog and Keke also recommended listening to either the Disney Christmas Holiday Playlist or the Cooking with Disney Playlist while you bake, especially since it will help you get in the mood for Foodtastic when it starts streaming tomorrow! This show is not only hosted by Keke Palmer, but also features Amirah Kassem and Benny Rivera as judges.

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Are you going to make these cake pops and watch the show?

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