Beware! New Disney+ Scam Has Surfaced

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Take note, Disney+ subscribers! Beware as Disney’s popular streaming service, Disney+, is being used in a new scam with fraudsters posing to be Disney+.

If you’re seeing a text message or email claiming to be Disney+, you’ll want to think twice before clicking any links related to the message.

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According to What’s On Disney Plus, there is a new scam that includes fake texts and emails that claim the Disney+ subscriber has missed their monthly payment.

The message typically includes verbiage such as “Act Now” to give off a sense of urgency.

The text or email has a clickable link asking subscribers to resubmit their payment information. Unfortunately, doing so results in scammers stealing personal and financial information from the subscriber.

Credit: Disney

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The scam was first noted by CEL Solicitors, a company that helps assist and retrieve money for people that have been scammed out of a lot of money. Ryan Beeley, a fraud expert solicitor at CEL Solicitors, reports:

“This scam sees fraudsters posing as popular streaming services such as Disney Plus, and many people, even those who don’t have an account, are receiving texts.  The text prompts receivers to follow a link, some devices block this, but those who make it through fill in a form with their personal details and bank account details.

“Money is taken from their account but their personal details can also be used by fraudsters to commit further scams.  The fake Disney+ text message usually tells victims: “Your payment could not be processed. To continue using our service, please update your details here”.”

Credit: Disney

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If ever receiving this message, the Disney+ subscriber should go directly to instead of clicking the link and/or filling out any personal information.

It’s also important to note that if you miss your monthly payment, you’ll be prompted by Disney+ on your streaming device to make the payment before being allowed to watch videos.

Spread the news to Disney fans that may have Disney+ to be on the lookout for this new scam!

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