New Video Shows Terrifying Moment Universal Stunt Performer Had to Be Rescued From Drowning

Universal Performer
Credit: Good Morning America

On January 23, Guests visiting Universal Studios Hollywood watched a terrifying event unfold before their eyes. A stunt performer doing a trick during the popular show, WaterWorld, fell off a platform as part of the show. However, he did not immediately emerge to continue on with the show. His fellow performers noticed and dove into the water to rescue him. 9-1-1 was quickly called as CPR was performed on the injured actor. The unknown actor was then rushed to a Los Angeles-area hospital for “possible drowning”.


Credit: Universal

Not too many details were available at the time of the accident, but now, video footage of the accident has come to light. Good Morning America shared footage of the rescue, which was shared by a Guest who was in attendance.

Stunt performer rushed to hospital after possible drowning at Universal Studios. @kaynawhitworth has more details.

As you can see, other Universal performers acted quickly to rescue their fellow actor, diving in with life preservers and pulling him out quickly. When it comes to a possible drowning, getting the person out of the water and then getting the water out of their lungs as quickly as possible can make all the difference. CPR was performed to keep blood circulating and to keep oxygen flowing to his brain.


Credit: Universal

WaterWorld has been a staple show at Universal Studios Hollywood for more than 25 years. The show is based on a film of the same name and tells the story of people in the future living on atolls, since the Earth has been flooded. Those loving on the atolls dream about finding the DryLand and fighting those who want to control the atolls.

Water World Universal Studios Hollywood

Credit: Water’s End Wiki

Thankfully, it appears that the actor may be alright. A new statement released by a Universal spokesperson said that the Universal Studios Hollywood performer is at the hospital and is receiving treatment. They also said that they are looking into exactly what happened at the theme park to make sure that it does not happen again.

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