OpEd: 3 Reasons Why Disney’s ‘Little Mermaid’ Remake Does NOT Need New Songs

Little Mermaid Songs
Credit: Disney

On February 17, Disney Fanatic shared the news that Lin-Manuel Miranda is possibly adding new songs to Disney’s upcoming live-action reimagining of The Little Mermaid.

He said, “I don’t know. Well, I know how many we wrote. I don’t know if they’ll all make it in, but it’s probably three or four songs.”

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But, here’s the thing: The Little Mermaid¬†does NOT need any new songs written! Because, quite frankly, Alan Menken and his team already added plenty for Disney’s Broadway version!

Since its live-action remake trend began, Disney has allowed its directors to foolishly ignore their Broadway shows’ epic cast recording. I mean, they paid to have Beyonce play Nala in The Lion King remake, and they DON’T have her sing “Shadowland”? But I digress.

The Little Mermaid on Broadway Playbill

Credit: Disney on Broadway

Lin-Manuel said there might be three new songs in the Little Mermaid remake, so I submit three reasons why those songs are already taken care of–which are three songs from Disney’s The Little Mermaid¬†on Broadway: “Her Voice,” “Human Stuff,” and “I Want the Good Times Back.”

“Her Voice” – Prince Eric’s Lament

Prince Eric, The Little Mermaid

Credit: Disney

After Ariel brings him safely to shore, fans of the movie will know that Prince Eric cannot get her voice out of her head. So, Disney gave him a song to sing out his deepest desire to find her, and Jonah Hauer King could absolutely do it justice.

The chorus is as follows:

And her voice
It’s sweet as angels sighing
And her voice
It’s warm as summer sky
And that sound
It haunts my dreams
And spins me ’round
Until it seems
I’m flying…

Here’s the Spotify link:

“Human Stuff” – Scuttle’s song.

Scuttle, The Little Mermaid

Credit: Disney

What’s funnier than Scuttle trying to teach Ariel about human stuff? Scuttle teaching Ariel about human stuff in song with an entourage of seagulls, of course!

“Human Stuff” is a wacky, laugh-out-loud number that I know Awkwafina could crush easily!

Here’s the verse where Scuttle tells her about the dinglehopper to give you an idea:

Pick up the dinglehopper, just like so
Twirl it the way I’m twirling now!
Give it a little yank, and there ya go!
You’re what the call “the dog’s meow”!

Here’s the Spotify link to that song:

“I Want the Good Times Back” – Ursula’s Other Villain Song

Ursula, The Little Mermaid

Credit: Disney

What is Ursula’s motivation for being so mean? She explains briefly in the movie that she used to live in the palace, but Triton banished her. Well, Disney’s Broadway team decided to give the sea witch her own “I want” number.

“I Want the Good Times Back” is a showstopping cabaret number that shows, even more, this Villain’s sassy side, and who doesn’t like that? And I would love to see Melissa McCarthy take this on!

Here’s the chorus:

I want the good times back!
I want those grand ol’ days!
I want the twisted nights
The sick delights
The wild soirees!
I want those trembling crowds of shellfish
Cracked and peeled for me to dine
Not because I’m mean or selfish–

I only want what’s mine!
I want disgusting wealth!
I want exquisite sin!
Want the entire sea
To worship me
On bended fin!
I want to greet my loving subjects
And then have them as a snack!

Remember those good times?
I want them back!

And here’s the Spotify link:

We’re Set on ‘Little Mermaid’ Songs, Lin!

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Now, these are just three of my favorites you won’t find in the movie, but there are so many more that could add to this reimagining. Feel free to listen to the whole cast album–especially their version of “Under the Sea”–and decide for yourself.

While Disney’s casting decisions have come under some fire, I am personally very excited for this remake. I am very intrigued to hear Halle Bailey sing “Part of Your World,” and Daveed Diggs sing “Under the Sea.” Also, the idea of Javier Bardem as King Triton is eye-catching.

But either way, Disney has constantly ignored its Broadway catalog when it comes to its remakes, and it’s time to change that. As Ursula said, “I want the good times back.”

It should be noted that Lin-Manuel Miranda has confirmed that all of Howard Ashman‘s songs will be included and will remain unchanged, but he did not confirm if the new songs will be coming from broadway the show or not. This writer will still hold out hope that Miranda goes back to New York for his inspiration.

Directed by Rob Marshall, Disney’s The Little Mermaid will be the latest retelling of Hans Christian Andersen‘s fairy tale. Singer Halle Bailey will be inheriting a role founded by Jodi Benson. Only time will tell how well she can fill those shoes.

The opinions submitted in this article are those of the writer and may not reflect the sentiments of Disney Fanatic as a whole. 

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