No, Josh D’Amaro Is Not Going to Be Disney CEO. Here’s Why:

Disney Begins Latest Round of Layoffs

Picture this scene:  It’s on stage at Hamilton. Daveed Diggs is dressed in his finest Thomas Jefferson gear as he is about to start “The Reynolds Pamphlet.” The song begins, and as we look across the stage, it isn’t Alexander Hamilton standing dead center, but instead, the Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, Josh D’Amaro.

Diggs continues with the song, but when it comes to the iconic line, he belts out, “You ain’t never gonna be CEO now.”

Josh D'Amaro Next Disney CEO

Credit: Disney

The entire cast joins in as Bob Iger goes onstage as King George to dance around the crestfallen D’Amaro.

While it wasn’t nearly as public or as blatant as that iconic Broadway scene, this report suspects that, without actually saying a word, Iger has made it clear to those who are watching that D’Amaro “ain’t gonna be CEO now.”

Bob Iger Disney World

Credit: Bob Iger/Twitter

On February 8, 2023, during Q1 2023 Earnings Call, Iger announced his plans to reorganize The Walt Disney Company. But, he appeared to make a special place for those close to him and slowly started to usher those who weren’t loyal to him and his vision out the door.

D’Amaro was originally promoted to Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, replacing Bob Chapek when he succeeded Iger as Disney CEO. D’Amaro, in consultation with Chapek, would go on to implement the array of wildly unpopular ideas in Disney Parks, such as the Theme Park Reservation system and the paid Disney Genie+ system, that have drawn the disdain of Disney fans everywhere. And it appears D’Amaro will be the public face of the Disney Parks layoffs.

There’s no way that this can end well for D’Amaro.

Also, Iger may have already tipped his hand about his possible successor. Dana Walden and Alan Bergman are now leading the Disney Entertainment Division. This new division of labor not only allows Walden to get experience in films and Bergman in television, but many have also argued that it signals the end of the “Chapek Era,” replacing the now-extinct Kareem Daniel-led distribution wing. So, that puts both Walden and Bergman in the perfect position to succeed Iger when his contract expires at the end of 2024.

Dana Walden

Credit: Disney

So, where does that leave our potential “fall-guy,” D’Amaro? No place good. Like Hamilton, he’s standing on stage watching his future go down the drain while others take immense joy in it. But don’t worry, Josh, I think it worked out okay for Hamilton. He did get an award winning play out of it. (You know, after that whole Weehawken thing, but that doesn’t apply to you.)

But then again, what does anyone actually know? Iger may be playing all of us, and Josh D’Amaro may not be throwing away his shot after all. No matter what happens, we’ll know soon enough, and we’ll keep you updated.

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