Our 5 Favorite Quick Service Restaurants At Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Backlot Express

Disney dining is one of my favorite parts of my Disney vacation. Sometimes its great to sit and take in all the magic, but there are times where I enjoy a quick bite to proceed with my busy day. Hollywood Studios has many quick service restaurants that are perfect for swift bite to eat! They’re affordable and provide some diverse selections no matter what you’re in the mood for! All of these restaurants are also part of the Disney dining plan, so its perfect for those who have dining credits as well. Here are 5 favorite quick service restaurants at Hollywood Studios.

5. ABC Commissary

ABC is known for some pretty great shows, and you’ll be able to enjoy their posters and advertisements in this art deco themed restaurant. Enjoy burgers, various salads, chicken club sandwiches, NY strip steaks, and for those that prefer eating kosher, there are a variety of kosher meals to enjoy. In addition to these items, indulge in some dessert or some adult beverages (beer and wine) while you enjoy some great movie trailers and clips of various shows on the televisions inside. ABC Commissary is located down Commissary lane and is open daily for lunch and dinner.

4. Backlot Express

There is always time to grub on a movie set! Right in the middle of movie magic, you will find the Backlot Express, a comfy indoor/outdoor restaurant with lots of classic American choices! Dine on burgers, vegetarian sandwiches, chicken and waffles, chili hot dogs, chicken nuggets, salads and corellian spice fries. The décor is pretty unique here because there are several movie props and artifacts surrounding the walls and rooms. It is pretty fascinating! Backlot Express is located in Echo Lake and is open daily for lunch and dinner.

3. Catalina Eddie’s

If you’re looking for some tasty Italian food, just head on over to Catalina Eddie’s. Here, you will be able to choose from sizzling pizzas, hot deli sandwiches, and a classic chicken Caesar salad. Catalina Eddie’s is a quaint outdoor restaurant with awesome views of Sunset Boulevard where the Tower of Terror rises high above you, and the Citizens of Hollywood perform. It is a great place to dine and enjoy the view. Catalina Eddie’s is open daily for lunch and dinner.

2. Fairfax Fare

Calling all meat lovers! Fairfax Fare is your one-stop-shop for all things BBQ! Feast on fresh chicken, fall off the bone ribs, BBQ pork, chili cheese dogs, and salads with your choice of classic baked beans and savory corn on the cob. Fairfax Fare is also located on Sunset Boulevard, perfect for dining with a great view! Fairfax Fare is open daily for lunch and dinner.

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1. The Trolley Car Café

Starting or ending my day with coffee or dessert always puts a smile across my face. If you’re looking for a great cup of coffee, there is no better place than Starbucks, which is located inside the Trolley Car Café. In addition to enjoying your favorite cup of coffee or specialty beverage, you can also select goodies to eat from fresh Starbucks sandwiches and desserts; Disney baked goods, and diving pastry items from La Boulange. What is great about The Trolley Car Café is that it is open from the moment the park opens until it closes and it is located at the front of the park, which is perfect to grabbing a cup o’ Joe as you walk in or sneak a pastry or dessert on your way out. It is also a great idea to grab breakfast here if you choose not to sit down because most of the beverages and food items can be consumed ‘on-the-go’ so you wont have to waste time!

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