12 Best Places to See Disney Characters at Hollywood Studios

One of my absolute favorite (and must do) experiences on my list of ‘things to do’ each time I go to Disney, is meet characters. They are so much fun to interact with and provide unique and wonderful picture opportunities. Watching the little ones interact with them is also heart warming and it always brings a smile to my face. ...

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9 Amazing Facts About Hollywood Studios’ Fantasmic!

The perfect way to cap off any day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is to enjoy the nighttime spectacular Fantasmic! Set in an open-air amphitheater behind Tower of Terror, Fantasmic! can host as many as 10,000 guests. The show stars Mickey Mouse, along with a slew of your favorite Disney characters, in a battle of good vs. evil against your favorite ...

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Top 7 Places to Shop at Disney World

The title alone to this article made me happy all on its own. If I could make a career of shopping for people on Disney trips…I totally would. I love to shop all things Disney and I would like to share some of our favorite places to shop with you. Some of these places are in the parks and others ...

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6 Essentials to Take Into Disney Parks for Young Children

children Disney world _ disney fanatic

One of the biggest mistakes parents make when they head off to Disney with a young child is thinking that they don’t need anything extra because Disney will keep them busy enough. Plan ahead so you have everything covered and you won’t be spending time and money on things you don’t need. 6. Wipes – Even though we are past ...

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4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Walt Disney World In The Off-Season!

As magical and amazing as Disney World is during the holidays and other peak seasons, there is definitely something special about visiting during those slower, off-season times too. If you have flexible dates for vacation, going to Disney World in the off-season should be on your list of things to do. You will be amazed at how easy it is ...

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7 ‘Satisfactual’ Facts About Splash Mountain

The crown of Frontierland, Splash Mountain is a refreshing mix of excitement and classic ride-through storytelling. We all know the view at the summit is breath-taking but here are some little known but satisfactual facts about the Magic Kingdom’s thrilling water ride. 7. Splash Mountain is inspired by the controversial movie, “Song of the South.” Interestingly, as with almost all ...

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Top 10 Ways Disney Disappoints

disney disappoints _ Disney High Expectations

Disney is so disappointing in so many ways (insert sarcasm). Who knew that one place could cause so much heart ache and rancor? Here are my top 10 reasons why Disney disappoints. 10. Disney Makes You Compare Walt Disney instilled his values into his company and laid out strict guidelines that the company still follows to this day. This in ...

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Can’t Skip Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Depending on your viewpoint, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is either rightly or wrongly maligned. Some people can’t stand the Sorcerer’s Hat at the end of Hollywood Boulevard (good news – it’s coming down now!). Others love the wonderful assortment of rides to choose from and obsess over which Tier A attraction to select. Others still refer to Hollywood Studios as a ...

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7 Amazing Facts about the Under the Sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid in Magic Kingdom

By now it’s safe to say that the Disney Imagineers know that Disney fanatics like us anticipate their newest projects and ventures with bated breath. We’ve learned that there is always so much more to an attraction than what you see on the surface. The Imagineers never leave a stone unturned; every ride and attraction is designed with careful precision ...

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9 Mouthwatering Steak Dinners at Disney World

Le Cellier

For many people vacation means a time to splurge, and a Disney vacation is no different. Food is normally a huge category for a place to splurge. Luckily, Disney has some fantastic restaurants that offer a plethora of different meals. Nine out of ten times when someone wants to treat themselves to a nice dinner, steak is a number one ...

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