Reminder: You Can Still Use This Park Hopping Hack at Disney World

Disney World Park Hopping
Credit: Disney

The life of a Walt Disney World Park Hopper is still far from normal. Theme Park Reservations are still required, and Guests still can’t Park hop until after 2 pm. But, Disney Fanatic received Cast Member confirmation that a pre-pandemic Park Hopper habit is still allowed.

This is a reminder that Disney World Guests looking to Park Hop do not have to park their cars at their self-assigned Theme Park in the morning!


Credit: Disney

A Cast Member told us via the Disney World Website help chat today, February 2, 2022, that Guests looking to start their day with an EPCOT Park Reservation should be able to park at the Transportation and Ticket Center–also the Magic Kingdom Parking Lot–and then take the monorail the rest of the way.

Similarly, the same Cast Member confirmed that EPCOT-bound Guests should be able to park at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and take the Skyliner, Friendship Boats, or a walk to EPCOT’s “backdoor” entrance at International Gateway.


Credit: Disney

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A second Cast Member we spoke to over the phone also said that as long as you have a Park Reservation valid for the day of your visit, parking should not be an issue. However, Disney World Busses are still not providing park-to-park transportation. So, this parking strategy only makes sense for Guests not staying on Property who plan on moving between EPCOT and Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Starting your Disney day by parking your car at the Theme Park with which you plan on ending the day, and/or scheduled to be opened latest is one of the first habits any experienced Park Hopper learns. It provides a logistical edge to the day, and helps you all but set the time to go home.

For example, parking at Magic Kingdom this Saturday, February 5, 2022, would be the optimal move for Guests looking to Park Hop since it is slated to be open at least one hour later than the other three parks.

But this strategy also has a side of safety to it. Disney World roads are busy and dangerous. And the decision to independently Park Hop after eating and drinking around the World or visiting Oga’s Cantina can make them even more dangerous. Best leave your car from where you want to leave, and let Disney World Transportation get you everywhere else.

As of Wednesday, February 2, reservations for all four Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks are available for the rest of the month.

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