Fort Wilderness Campground

Planning a Resort Day at Disney’s Fort Wilderness During Phased Reopening

With the parks still going through phased re-opening requiring guests to make park pass reservations and not being able to park hop through the end of the year, a visit to Walt Disney World can still come with a bunch of fun things to do — and things that you don’t normally do on a visit!  Fort Wilderness is a truly unique resort without comparison at Disney World — you can definitely find activities to fill your entire day!


1. Holiday Decorations

The guests who stay at Fort Wilderness tend to be staying at their campsites for a longer period of time, so many take to treating their campsites and RVs as home and decorate them for the holidays.  Beginning in the fall, guests put out lights, pumpkins, inflatables, as well as the rest of their fall finery.  Shortly after the last Snickers bar is handed out for Halloween, guests transition to their winter decorations to make their site resemble Main Street, U.S.A. These lights and decorations are spectacular to check out — you can climb aboard one of the resort buses and wander around some of the loops to see what guests have put out to celebrate the holidays. 

2. Meadow and Outpost Trading Post

Inside of the resort, guests can find two wonderful stores to find snacks, camping supplies, as well as unique merchandise.  We love checking out the wonderful blankets, shirts, and other special merchandise for purchase at these stores.  Guests not staying at the resort can access either of these stores by climbing aboard one of the resort buses.  The Meadow Trading Post is the larger of the two and has a larger selection of merchandise, but that doesn’t mean you should skip the Outpost Trading Post located near Pioneer Hall on the shores of Bay Lake.

3. Meadow Swimmin’ Pool

The swimming pool located in the center of resort invites guests to enjoy a refreshing dip, but also has a small activity pad for small children who are still acclimating to water,  but also for those who already love it.  Bigger kids and adults will love the looping waterslide from the water silo that overlooks the pool.   Adults wanting to relax will also find plenty of lounge chairs to enjoy, as well as luxurious hot tub and a snack bar with plenty of refreshments!

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4. Tri-Circle-D Ranch

Located at the front of the resort, Tri-Cirlce-D Ranch invites guests to learn about the resort and also allows guests to take trail rides through the resort, or for the less adventurous, a simple pony ride.  Space is limited, so it is recommended you reach out to the ranch before arriving to schedule what activity you are looking for.

Credit: Disney

5. Bay Lake Relaxation

While guests cannot bathe in the water of Bay Lake, there is a beach where guests can walk along the sand, as well as relax and soak up the sun.  During normal operations, guests are also able to rent boats to go fishing or to explore the waters of Bay Lake, but those rentals are currently unavailable due to Covid protocols.

6. Crockett’s Tavern

Located on the shores of Bay Lake, Crockett’s Tavern invites guests to enjoy refreshing libations in a relaxed atmosphere.  Guests can opt to go inside for a drink or use the walk-up window to grab a drink on the go.  The menu features the normal selection of beer, wine, and cocktails, as well as inventive moonshine mixed drinks.   A seasoned mixologist or a reserved teetotaler can find a refreshing beverage to enjoy.  There are even rocking chairs for guests who need to take a load off and want to enjoy the view!

Crockett Tavern
Photo Credit: Disney

7. Forest Walk to Wilderness Lodge

Prior to making it to Pioneer Hall, there is a small paved walking trail that invites guests to enjoy a meandering walk over to Wilderness Lodge.  The path is through the woods, so you might encounter some wildlife along the way, but the view is stellar and at the end you can enter and explore the Wilderness Lodge!

Fort Wilderness is a unique resort with plenty for guests to do — regardless of whether you are staying at the resort.  Have you stayed at Fort Wilderness?  What do you do on a resort day when you visit?

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