Fans of ‘Princess and the Frog’ Will Love These Beignet Earrings

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Disney fans who love Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog (2009), Prince Naveen, New Orleans, Maldonia, or beignets can rejoice as they head to online stores for Disney merchandise — because RockLove Jewelry has a glamorous pair of beignet earrings, directly inspired by Princess Tiana and her signature beignets. The Disney X RockLove The Princess and the Frog Pave Beignet Earrings are beautiful, elegant, and subtle enough to suit any Disney princess fans who would prefer to keep their love of Disney princess style refined!



RockLove Jewelry references a quote from Princess Tiana’s animated movie in the silver earrings’ product description, saying “Beignets? Got me a fresh batch just waitin’ for you!” The description goes into further detail, describing the jewelry as “yellow gold over sterling silver”. Apparently “the dainty puffed Beignet Earrings depict the iconic deep fried pastries… with silver beading and dozens of glittering white micro-crystals pavĂ©d like a thick layer of powdered sugar! The three-dimensional charms hang from…gold plated sterling silver French wires”. The earrings also come with “extra rubber security backs”.


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Since RockLove Jewelry prides itself on using the highest quality precious metals, and all of the jewelry is designed by designer Allison Cimino in her New York Studio, the high price tag on these silver earrings makes sense. RockLove Jewelry also focuses on using nickel-free sterling silver, to cater to anyone with sensitive skin. These 14K yellow gold plated silver beignet earrings are $75; however, these are a steal compared to the price of the recently-released Disney Storybook Collection Pendants!

Each product from the Disney X RockLove jewelry collection also comes in a “signature Disney X RockLove Boutique Box” meant for a true Disney collector; “detailed storytelling” is featured on the box “inside and out, including an embossed exterior and metallic silkscreened character art inside”. There’s also “vibrant colorful flocking” to keep your jewelry safe, and “a Disney X RockLove branded luxury travel pouch”!


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It’s recommended that you pair these RockLove Jewelry beignet earrings with the Pave Beignet Pendant, but we think that these earrings are also a beautiful Disney princess statement on their own! The Princess and the Frog collection also features a Disney X RockLove The Princess and the Frog Crowned Frog Ring, Disney X RockLove The Princess and the Frog Water Lily Pearl Necklace, and a Disney X RockLove The Princess and the Frog Water Lily Pearl Ring that features a “creamy genuine freshwater pearl”.

Disney Princess Style promoted the earrings on Instagram with the following caption: “satisfy your sweet tooth and add a sprinkle of Disney Princess Style to your look!”. A promotional photo of a woman with beignets was also shared. Are you a big enough fan of Princess Tiana, her happily ever after with Prince Naveen, and her “man-catching beignets” to merit buying these earrings? And have you heard about Princess Tiana’s upcoming TV series? 

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