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Guest Calls Out “Lack of Integrity” With Theme Park’s Express Line

Guests Abuse Universal Express Pass
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When you visit a popular theme park, it’s not surprising that you may encounter some very long lines. And the more beloved the ride, the longer the line will be. People often think of Walt Disney World Resort when they think about vacationing in Orlando, Florida. However, Orlando is more than just Disney. The area is full of theme parks — including LEGOLAND, SeaWorld Orlando, and the Universal Orlando Resort. While Disney World has always been on top in the area, Universal is quickly catching up.

Universal burns Disney World

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One of the appeals of Universal Studios is that it has many rides, perfect for those who love more thrilling attractions. Between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, there are nearly two dozen thrill rides, including Jurassic World Velocicoaster, Harry Potter and the Escape From Gringotts, Revenge of The Mummy, and the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit.

Velocicoaster Universal Studios Orlando

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Much like Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando also offers a way to skip the regular lines. Guests can purchase a Universal Express Pass for each Park. However, they can be quite expensive. While Disney Genie+ can reach a high of $35 per day, per Guest, Universal Express averages about $90 per day, per Guest. During peak season, it can cost over $100 per day, and that is only for one Park.

Some people will do whatever it takes to save money during their vacation, even break the rules. One Redditor was less than pleased with one group when he saw them blatantly breaking Universal’s Express line rules.

Universal Islands of Adventure

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Redditor u/Chris5938 was not happy with one group that they saw while waiting in one of Universal’s Express Lines. They saw one person enter the Express Line, scan their pass, and then further up, had the rest of their party — which was in the regular line — join them in Express. It was clear that only one member of the party had actually purchased an Express Pass.

I bought unlimited express passes for our stay for two people which costed a pretty penny. The same family (one would have an express pass) and the other 4 would wait in normal queue where just after you can scan the express pass you can cross over from the regular queue to the other one. So all 4 from the normal queue crossed to the express and then they acted like they were meeting people a little further up and they did that until just about the front. I spoke to an attendant, they seemed un-phased and said “we know” and that was it, probably because so many complained. But that same family did it multiple times and I’m just baffled why it’s even allowed.

It’s my first time at universal and I spent a week at Disney just before this (which was also my first time) and I feel like the workers care a bit more. Also there were points yesterday where there were 30 minute waits just in express lines and they were shorter queue lines for standby.

Slightly annoyed at lack of integrity..
byu/Chris5938 inUniversalOrlando

According to the Universal Orlando Resort website, each Guest must purchase their own Express Pass.

The 1-Park Universal Express Pass entitles one (1) guest one (1) time express ride access at select participating rides and attractions within Universal’s Volcano Bay. Express ride access at Universal’s Volcano Bay allows the guest to experience a shorter total wait time by entering an attraction without using the Virtual Line™. Requires water theme park admission. Pass is only valid on the date selected and printed on the ticket. Subject to availability. Attractions are subject to substitutions without notice. Additional restrictions may apply.

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Universal Orlando

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Many commenters understood why the Redditor was annoyed, but sadly, they weren’t surprised. They also felt that it could be that Universal Team Members are told not to confront Guests. One commenter, who said they used to work at the Parks, said that, if they tried to make entitled Guests follow the rules, the Guests would ask to see a supervisor, who would usually give into their demands.

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