Renting a Car for Disney Vacation? Florida Gas Prices Near 10-Year High

Florida Gas Prices
Credit: Disney

When it comes to a Walt Disney World Resort Vacation, Guests have several transportation options. But for, those planning to rent their own car should be aware that Florida is experiencing the highest gas prices in almost a decade.

AAA spokesperson Mark Jenkins spoke with Orlando-area news station WESH2 and said that the average cost Florida drivers can expect to see is $3.50 a gallon.

Gas Pump, Disney Speedway Station

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“We’re looking at the highest gas prices right now that we’ve seen since July 2014,” he said. “This time last year, we were spending about $2.61 at the pump. So a very large difference there.”

Florida’s low taxes help fight the price of gasoline, but it still finds itself 21st in the country. California, on the other hand, has the most expensive gas prices, averaging out at $4.74 a gallon.

“When you take a look back at the beginning of the pandemic, we had this glut in crude oil globally. And then all the demand just stopped,” Jenkins said. “Oil prices are up 100% from the beginning of 2021 mainly driven by supply and demand.”

That supply has been decreased due to a variety of factors such as sanctions with Russia, and President Biden’s administration’s decision to shut down America’s production of new pipelines and other previously-increased means of the domestic output allowed by the previous administration.

Disney World Entrance

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The Walt Disney World Resort sits roughly 20 miles west of Orlando International Airport. The size of Disney World itself as well as other Florida attractions such as its beaches and affordable professional sporting venues makes the extra cost of paying for a rental car, and having the freedom to move about the Sunshine State at will, all the more tempting. However, out-of-state Guests–especially those visiting for the first time since before the pandemic–should be aware that they will be paying a little extra at the pump.

Disney World Parking Lot

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