Driving to Disney World? Express Lanes Open THIS WEEK!

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If you’re driving to Walt Disney World Resort and the Central Florida area in the near future, you’re in for a treat! Your travels are about to get a whole lot easier as Florida prepares to open the highly-anticipated express lanes this week.

Chances are you know well the Orlando congestion when driving through Central Florida. Traffic upon traffic greets visitors to the popular city, as Disney and Universal theme parks beckon to fans from around the nation.

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While flying to Orlando is ideal, it’s not always practical. Sometimes loading up the family car is the way to go. Well, if you’re headed down I-4, you’ll be met with new toll lanes that will hopefully take the traffic woes and minimalize them.

Said to “offer travelers a speedier journey through Orange and Seminole counties” the new I-4 Express lanes are scheduled to open up “early Saturday morning” February 26, 2022, according to a report from Orlando Sentinel, as it prepares to welcome travelers both west and eastbound on I-4, west of Kirkman Road to east of State Road 434.

Construction for the new express lanes has been underway for the past seven years as the Florida Department of Transportation overhauled Interstate 4 to add the new toll lanes. With a price tag of $2.4 billion, this project lands its spot as Florida’s most costly road job ever.

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While locals are welcome to take advantage of the express lanes, the I-4 Express is designed to serve long-distance, regional trips in order to bypass the daily congested Orlando traffic. The toll lanes are located in the center of I-4 with nearly 10 entrances and 10 exits in each direction, all labeled with “Express”.

As you head through the toll lane, be aware that there is no need to stop at a tollbooth as Florida is relying on the SunPass, E-Pass, and transponders to collect the toll fees.

Fees for the Express lane will be $3 for the entire length westbound and $3.50 for the eastbound stretch. The I-4 Express tolls are expected to fluctuate however depending on traffic volume.

Interested in learning more about this new way of travel? Check out the video below, along with all the details at

Safe travels, Disney fans!

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