Report: Disney to Absorb Future Cruise Ship Capable of Holding 11,000 People

Disney Cruise Line New Ship

There is a new report coming out of the German shipyards which suggests that Disney Cruise Line could be adding another ship to its growing fleet, and this one is far bigger than any of the ships sailing today.

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Credit: Disney

At the time of this article’s publication, it is called the Global Dream. Originally commissioned by the Hong Kong Genting group for its Dream Cruises brand. Set to reach 340 meters (1,115.5 feet) in length, this ship, once completed, will be one of the largest cruise ships in the world. It was designed to boast a capacity for 9,000 passengers and 2,000 crew members. With a previous price tag set at €1.6 billion (current price still unknown), it is estimated to be approximately 75% complete, with 2024 standing as a possible delivery date.

According to NDR, the Hong Kong Genting group also owned the German shipyards where this behemoth was being constructed under an umbrella company called “MV Werften.” That company filed for bankruptcy this year, and the search is on for someone to buy the uncompleted ship. And that’s where Disney Cruise Line supposedly comes into play.

Global Dream Cruise Ship


NDR connects the dots through the shipyard, which is already set to absorb the Global Dream, Meyer shipyard:

“According to plans by insolvency administrator Christoph Morgen, the ship will apparently be completed in Wismar – under the direction of the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg. Meyer has already built three ships for the Disney Cruise Line of the Walt Disney Group…A confirmation of the purchase interest has not yet been received – however, the topic also played a role in the state cabinet on Tuesday. When asked, Minister of Economics Reinhard Meyer (SPD) did not want to comment on the purchase negotiations with Disney Cruise Line, he spoke of ‘confidential negotiations.'”

At this time, there has been no word from Disney Cruise Line on this matter. Meyer shipyard has been the birthplace of three Disney Cruise Line ships over the years, the Disney Dream (2011), Disney Fantasy (2012), and Disney Wish (2022). It is also slated to build Disney’s next two Triton-Class ships, which are capable of carrying 4,000 passengers, including the recently-announced Disney Treasure, set to be completed in 2024.

 Speculation Time: Would Disney Really Buy This Cruise Ship?

New Disney Cruise Ship

Credit: Richard Tribou

It seems relatively doubtful at this time, at least to this reporter, that Disney Cruise Line would buy someone else’s cruise ship, let alone one that is so close to completion. Disney Cruise Line ships feature extremely custom designs, featuring a distinction noticeable from the dual smokestack silhouette to the very shape of the hull. From its very first ships, the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, Disney Cruise Line has also prided itself in building ships with some of the most spacious stateroom standards available, which this reporter seriously doubts is matched on this ship.

Yes, there appears to be a cash-grab mentality throughout The Walt Disney Company right now, and the absorption of a nearly-completed ship with the capacity to hold more than twice the amount of Guests as its current flagship could assist in those short-term efforts, but at what long-term cost? It is not a Disney Cruise ship, and no matter how much remodeling work is done to it, it will probably still feel that way.

Disney Wish Construction

The Disney Wish being constructed by Imagineers in the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany. Credit: Disney Cruise Line

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On the other hand, it could signal the start of a new, lower-tier cruising option sailing under Disney Cruise Line’s umbrella. Cruise enthusiasts already see this–albeit in reverse–with Celebrity Cruises and its parent company Royal Caribbean International. Disney Cruise Line, and its parent division, Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, do appear to be hungry for expansion as development on a second “private island” destination on Eleuthera gets underway, and sailing opportunities are expanded to Australia and New Zealand. Why not find a way to tap into the ever-growing East Asian Market?

But, again, it is all speculation at this point.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to update our readers on Disney Cruise Line news and stories as more developments come to light.

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