Resorts Begin Offering Box Meals to Sheltering Guests

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As Hurricane Ian continues to cause problems for Florida residents and Walt Disney World Resort Guests (not to mention Disney Cruise Line Guests whose cruise ships might be trying unsuccessfully to come into port at Port Canaveral), the Walt Disney World Resorts housing Disney World Guests have started dishing out box meals for their charges who are being left in their care during the tropical storm.

Hurricane Disney World

Hurricane Ian

Attractions Magazine has shared a glimpse of the box meal offerings that are now available for Guests who are staying at Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

As you can see in the Tweet shown above, the meals being offered are simple but serviceable. Some picky eaters who do not enjoy fancier Disney dining fare might actually prefer these options!

Simple breakfast options include bagels, cereal boxes, yogurt parfait, fresh fruit, and orange juice. Apple slices and peanut butter are also available as a healthy breakfast choice or snack.

For sandwiches, Guests can order a roast beef, tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad, or ham and cheese sandwich as their Pop Century box meal lunch. There is also a vegetarian wrap option and the option of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Disney's Pop Century

Credit: Disney Fanatic

Although these options do seem somewhat limited when it comes to vegetarian or vegan options, and Disney Resort Guests might be bracing themselves for some disappointing meals or some issues with allergies and dietary restrictions, Disney does not typically disappoint when it comes to customer service, and it seems likely that the Disney employees at Pop Century (and other Disney Resorts) will still be doing what they can to keep Guests fed and happy during Hurricane Ian.

Disney Fanatic has been covering Hurricane Ian steadily and will continue to keep its readers updated on any breaking news related to the storm (which is expected to become a Category 5 storm soon). According to the Disney website, “Guests that are checked in by 3 p.m. Wednesday will be asked to shelter in place at their Resort for the duration of the storm, this includes any resort-to-resort transfers.”


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