Port Canaveral Shuts Down for Hurricane Ian

port canaveral hurricane ian

Since many Florida residents, southeast American residents, and Walt Disney World Resort Guests or Disney Cruise Line passengers are being affected by Hurricane Ian (which Disney Fanatic is keeping a close eye on as well), it stands to reason that the ports in Florida are also taking notice.

MCO (Orlando International Airport) has already closed and will only be allowing emergency flights to take off — and now the entire Port Canaveral has shut down for Hurricane Ian, too!

The news was shared in the Tweets shown below, as well as on the Port Canaveral website. Apparently, “all waterside and vessel shoreside Port operations” are “ceased” and will continue to be ceased “until further notice.”

According to the Port Canaveral social media post below, “the U.S. Coast Guard Captain of the Port has set hurricane CONDITION “ZULU” for Port Canaveral.” Hurricane Ian has begun reaching Category 5 severity.

It is anticipated, according to the Port Canaveral website, that “based on current forecasts and storm information, Port Canaveral will receive heavy rain and high winds (Tropical Storm force or greater) as early as Wednesday morning, Sept. 28th.”

This of course means that Disney Cruise Line cruise ships (including the Disney Fantasy, Disney Dream, Disney Wonder, Disney Magic, and the new Disney cruise ship called the Disney Wish) will not be able to return to port at this location until the Coast Guard reopens Port Canaveral.

Disney Wish Christening

Disney Wish Credit: Disney (Canva Creation)

Disney Fanatic is continuing to keep an eye on Hurricane Ian — no pun intended — and will keep readers updated as the storm progresses. Walt Disney World Resort has already closed for the next two days.

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