Disney Heiress Casts Suspicion on Disney’s ‘Paused’ Political Donations

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Abigail Disney has been a topic of contention among Disney Fanatics for a long time now, with some Disney Fanatics disliking her disruptive anti-Disney actions and some Disney Fanatics actually encouraging her replacement of current Disney CEO Bob Chapek. The granddaughter of Walt Disney Company Roy O. Disney has been openly against Disney for a long time, and has just released a documentary investigating issues like Disney Cast Members’ poverty-level low wages and the mistreatment of Disney employees.

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Credit: American Dream Documentary

The Disney heiress disposed of most of her shares in Walt Disney Company stock years ago, and has been ostracized by the Disney family in many ways (as well as Disney CEOs or former CEOs like Bob Iger) — but Abigail Disney is not done with her protests!

Now that the Walt Disney Company has claimed that it will stop donating money to political causes in Florida, Abigail Disney doubts the Company’s integrity. She suspects that Disney has not actually stopped supporting certain political groups with donations, even though it said that it would — and her suspicions have been heightened since Disney recently voted, again, not to reveal its donation records.


Abigail Disney at the Television Industry Advocacy Awards. Credit:

Ms. Disney’s documentary, The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales, has already been making waves among Disney supporters and Disney opponents. The Disney heiress particularly calls out Disney for “abusive boyfriend” behavior and its CEOs’ exorbitant salaries (which are over 1,000 times their Cast Members’ average salaries).


In an interview with IndieWire recently, Abigail Disney continued her attack on the Walt Disney Company and CEO Bob Chapek, making it clear that she doubts the political donations have stopped in the following statement:

“If he has [paused donations], he needs to prove to us that he has…I think in the last three consecutive years, there have been shareholder proposals around Disney being transparent about their political contributions. And in every case, management has recommended against voting for that. Why? Why are they averse to any transparency on their political contributions? That seems to me something that should be the law, that every corporation should have to be transparent about its political contributions. So if they’re against transparency, then I would dare to assume they haven’t changed much of anything.”

Do you think that the Walt Disney Company has actually stopped its donations to political parties and stopped its efforts to support certain political agendas or politicians’ agendas in Florida?


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