Review: ‘Scrat Tales’ Combines Cuteness with Comedy

scrat tales

One of the best things about Disney shorts is that they can bring you fun, whimsical, and poignant Disney magic in bite-sized doses that fit busy schedules! The new Disney+ short seriesĀ Ice Age: Scrat TalesĀ has just premiered on Disney+ as of April 13, and we’re letting you know if these six mini-episodes deliver as much Scrat cuteness and comedy as we’ve come to expect from the saber-toothed squirrel called Scrat.

Scrat Tales on Disney Plus

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InĀ Ice Age: Scrat Tales, the prehistoric squirrel Scrat becomes a father — however, he doesn’t become a father in the standard way! Scrat was shown with a female saber-toothed squirrel previously in the Ice AgeĀ films, but in this series he actually comes across a baby squirrel (Baby Scrat) and adopts the baby on his own.

Ice Age Scrat

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Each episode from the short series follows one main plot point: Scrat loves his new baby, but he also loves his acorns. When Baby Scrat develops the same instinctual love for acorns, Scrat is constantly and comedically torn between focusing on the acorn in sight or the baby that he’s adopted as his own.

Physical comedy is, as usual, a big part of this Scrat show; after all, Scrat’s physical behaviors and noises are a big part of his iconic style as he chases after the sacred Acorn and causes chaos, and they’re also a big reason for his popularity with Ice AgeĀ fans! Poor Scrat endures more abuse than ever before in this series as Baby Scrat tugs at his heartstrings and physically berates him.

(L-R): Baby Scrat (voiced by Karl Wahlgren) and Scrat (voiced by Chris Wedges) in 20th Century Studios’ ICE AGE: SCRAT TALES, exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Blue Sky Studios. Ā© 2022 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

This new Disney show also brings up some emotional moments to coincide with the comedic scenes, particularly in the last episode “Nut the End”. Even though the series isn’t meant to be taken too seriously, you might find yourself feeling a little weepy towards the end!

Overall,Ā Ice Age: Scrat TalesĀ delivers a lot of Scrat doing what we love best: chasing after acorns and yelling. But there are also plenty of tender moments in the short series, and Baby Scrat is (predictably) adorable. Parents will feel a particularly strong connection to Scrat this time around — and since Scrat will no longer be a Disney character due to a lawsuit, it might be the last time we see Scrat in a new movie or show!

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