‘Salt & Straw’ Celebrates Opening with Free Ice Cream

salt and straw

If you’re a Florida resident who lives close to Disney Springs and the Downtown Disney District, and you’re in the mood for some free Disney ice cream, then you might want to get a move on! The grand opening of Disney Spring’s new restaurant Salt & Straw is today in the Downtown Disney District, and according to journalist Ashley Carter, “the first 100 customers get a free scoop of ice cream”. The line of waiting customers has already begun for this new addition to Walt Disney World dining!

Since this restaurant has been highly anticipated by Disney Springs fans and everybody loves ice cream, it’s safe to say that Disney Springs will be stingy with the amount of free ice cream that people are getting. One free scoop per person will obviously add up fast!

Salt & Straw

Credit: Salt & Straw

Salt & Straw is a family-run ice cream company and business based in Portland that is known for its “innovative, taste-provoking flavors”, so it’s no surprise that Disney Springs has chosen this establishment to join its roundup of wonderful eateries. Disney is, after all, known for providing unique flavors in its meals and desserts for Guests.

Salt & Straw

Credit: Salt & Straw

There are also lots of vegan ice cream flavors available at the Salt & Straw! Take a look at the new location’s storefront in the Tweet below from Ashley Carter!

Are you one of the Disney Springs Guests who will be heading to this new ice cream establishment in Disney Springs? If so, you probably won’t be alone — especially today, since free ice cream is on offer, and especially throughout the summer (when hot summertime temperatures will mean that anyone and everyone at Walt Disney World Resort or Disney Springs is craving ice cream)!

Salt & Straw

Credit: Salt & Straw

Today will no doubt be a busy day for Salt & Straw, but in general, this establishment does offer local pickup and delivery options. Salt & Straw welcomes unique flavor ideas from anyone, especially children, and we hope that the Key Lime cheesecake (which features “hunks of golden pie crust, crystallized with brown sugar and ginger, and shards of sprinkle-studded chocolate bark”) will make an appearance on the Florida menu!

Are you headed to Disney Springs and the Downtown Disney District today to welcome the newest addition to Walt Disney World dining?


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