Fans Call out Disney for Teaming up With MLM on New Project

Fans Call out Disney Scentsy project
Credit: Disney

If you talk to a Disney fan, then they will tell you that there are certain smells that bring them right into the theme parks. And we’re not just talking about the amazing smell of popcorn on Main Street, U.S.A. Smells like the water on Pirates of the Caribbean and Rome burning (sounds worse than it is), have become iconic and beloved by Walt Disney World Guests. Soon, Magic Kingdom Park will have a brand-new smelling experience, but not everyone is happy about the team-up, and they are calling Disney out.

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Credit: Disney

On July 27, Disney announced that “Smellephants on Parade” would be coming to Storybook Circus in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park. They said that the experience would be a family-friendly “search and sniff adventure”. “Smellephants on Parade” will be done in partnership with Scentsy, which has been the “Official Home Fragrance” of Disney World for several years.

There’s a new interactive experience coming to Magic Kingdom! “Smellephants on Parade” will be a family-friendly “search and sniff” adventure in Storybook Circus, presented by @scentsy, the Official Home Fragrance of @WaltDisneyWorld. Stay tuned for “relephant” details! ? ?

Scentsy is a company that was founded in 2003 and sells oils, wax melts, and detailed candle warmers. Scentsy has sold hundreds of candle warmers that are Disney-themed, including ones celebrating Disney100, the Haunted Mansion, and The Little Mermaid. While Scentsy has been very popular in the past, recently, it is being called out for being an MLM — multi-level marketing company.

An MLM works by having people buy products from the company and sell them. Those people then bring on more people to buy the company’s products and sell them. The people who brought in other people then get a portion of the sales from the people they brought on. An MLM is also known as pyramid selling, and, while legal, they are a very controversial practice.

MLM Layout

Credit: Alex Dos Diaz, Investopedia

Disney fans wasted no time in calling the company out for teaming up with an MLM for its newest venture.

i’m still really confused as to why a large company will take on a multi-level marketing business that encroaches on people and asks them to spend money to run their own business and not make any money back until they sign up ten other people under their pyramid scheme.

Disney has had a partnership with Scentsy for a few years, but some questioned if Disney actually did their research before teaming up with the controversial company.

MLMs suck and prey on people who don’t understand pyramid schemes. Nobody should be partnering with them. Use your incredible networking abilities to find a better sponsor.

Others pointed out that Universal Orlando Resort is quickly catching up with Disney in terms of popularity. Universal is building a third theme park, which will open in just about 2 years, while Disney is making a search and sniff attraction.

Come on Disney!
You have Universal creating new lands and parks that are gonna be ? and Disney is like we will implement a search and sniff area. ???????

There were more than 100 comments on Disney’s Twitter announcement, and very few of them said that they were looking forward to the new area. Some were upset that more “real world” things were making their way into the Parks. Others told them to focus on things in the Parks that need fixing –like getting rid of Park reservations — instead of creating a new Disney experience people don’t want.

Disney Fanatic will keep readers updated as Disney shares more details about “Smellephants on Parade”.

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