Schools Clearly No Longer Decide When Families Visit Disney World

Families visiting Disney World
Credit: Selda Y.

I am writing this article during my stay at Gran Destino Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. It is the end of February, in the middle of the week, and my Resort hotel–and the Theme Parks as a whol–is filled with kids.

My inner child is screaming with jealousy, and my inner old man is screaming with frustration.

Like probably many reading this article, I grew up shackled to the demands of a traditional school system. The only time I was emancipated from the institution and able to visit Walt Disney World Resort was during the weekend or during one of the set holiday breaks: Summer Vacation, Christmas Break, or Easter Vacation/Spring Break. Disney World’s crowd calendar seemed to track that quite well in determining when the best time was for visiting Disney World.

But that’s how things were in the days before those with influence and power who thought they knew better than us forced everyday life to come to a screeching halt using COVID-19 as the excuse.

Magic Kingdom Stroller Parking in February

Credit: TK Bosacki/Disney Fanatic

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Today, it appears we have since shaken off the forced shutdowns and mandates to revive everyday life, but there are some things that many think and hope never return. In this case, working in an office and bound to a traditional classroom. And, honestly, who can blame them? Why would I force my kid to stay in a suburban classroom when we have clearly proven that we could complete our lessons anywhere, including a Disney World Park like Animal Kingdom or a Disney Resort like Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa?

At the time I’m writing this article, for instance, we are in the middle of a double-whammy week that started with Presidents Day Weekend and will end with another runDisney Marathon Weekend. There are also still a lot of visiting marching bands. How cool would it be to just take school and work on the road and make the most out of the short week with the entire family? My parents certainly would have never gone for that, back in the day!

Crowds at EPCOT, Walt Disney World

Credit: TK Bosacki/ Disney Fanatic

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Then again, the Theme Parks are an absolute nightmare! I feel like I’m visiting in July right now. The background music of World Showcase is paired with extra loud screams and crying, and Fantasyland is half filled with stroller parking. I have never seen so many matching “family vacation” shirts outside of the Summer and Winter Holiday seasons! Lightning Lanes are few and far between, and the ride queues are unusually long. The Magic Kingdom’s central HUB and Main Street, U.S.A., were filled with people a full hour before the Disney Enchantment fireworks were supposed to begin.

I am happy to see kids getting out to experience the magic of a Disney World Vacation at other times besides summer and winter. But it seems the days of being able to improvise and cath last-minute reservations are behind us.

Crowds at Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort

Credit: TK Bosacki/ Disney Fanatic

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