Should I go to Disney Pregnant?  Tips for Doing Disney for Two

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Thinking of going to a Disney theme park while you’re pregnant?  You may have to make some modifications to your trip, but you can still have a safe and enjoyable time as a pregnant park guest! It’s all about managing your expectations and planning ahead to make sure you stay comfortable during your Walt Disney World or Disneyland vacation. Here are some suggestions for enjoying a magical trip before the baby arrives!

Make a Health Plan

Most women can travel safely during pregnancy, but be sure to let your doctor know if you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or any of the Disney parks. He or she may have suggestions for you based on your situation.  Be sure to carry your doctor’s contact information, as well as your insurance card, with you on your trip.  You may also want to learn where the first aid centers are in each park.  It’s not likely that you’ll need any of this, but having all of the information ready is a good idea. The first aid centers are great resources, even if you just need to take a break.  Also make note of the baby care center located in each park for future reference!
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Plan for a More Relaxed Pace

If you’re typically a “go, go, go” Disney Guest, you’ll want to reevaluate your normal way of doing things.  Accepting that this particular trip will be different is key to relieving any pressure to do and ride “all the things.” Try focusing on jthe overall experience and enjoying everything you can.  Also keep in mind that if the extensive walking becomes more than you bargained for, wheelchair rental is available at each Disney park.

Bring Snacks that Work for You

Dole Whip

There’s no shortage of food at Disney, of course, but you may want to bring some of your own just in case.  This is especially true if you’ve been experiencing any food sensitivities.   If theme park food like popcorn and Mickey Bars still hit the spot for you, that’s great!  But sometimes, a handful of crackers for a snack can be helpful to sooth any stomach uneasiness.  Be sure to have something with you as a go-to, but try to make time for a dole whip, too.
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Stay Cool & Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is always important in the Florida heat.  If you’re travelling to Walt Disney World while you’re pregnant, you’ll want to be extra aware of staying hydrated.  You can always purchase water throughout the day, but if you’d like to cut back on the expenses, bringing a refillable water bottle with a filter makes staying hydrated easy.  Remember, you can always ask for a cup of ice water at quick service locations, free of charge.

As far as staying cool goes, that’s no easy task in the Florida heat and humidity.  But, there are some clever tricks of the trade you can employ to help you beat the heat.  Cooling towels are an excellent way to keep cool; simply run them under lukewarm water in a restroom and wring them out.  Drape the towel on your neck or even tie it around your wrist.  You might also want to consider a UV umbrella to help block the sun’s rays.
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Plan for Breaks

Pregnant women are capable of amazing things, and many continue to exercise throughout pregnancy (and, you know, grow a human while doing it). Just know your body and your own limits.  Schedule your days with breaks in mind. Planning for a pool or nap break can help keep you rested enough to enjoy the entire length of the trip.

Hall Of Presidents

Some breaks don’t even require an exit from the park.  Consider spreading indoor attractions and shows throughout your day, like Country Bear Jamboree, Carousel of Progress, and the Hall of Presidents.  All of these attractions offer a chance to sit for awhile and enjoy the air conditioning.

Know Before You Go: Which Attractions Can I Ride?

Spend a little time getting to know Disney’s pregnancy advisories.  Don’t feel that you need to memorize anything, though. Each attraction has a sign that outlines height requirements and any relevant health advisories.  In general, each roller coaster will come with a pregnancy advisory, as well as some other attractions. While many Disneyland and Disney World rides are not recommended for expectant moms, there are plenty of safe rides that you can enjoy, especially at Magic Kingdom and Epcot.   Pregnant mamas can still ride many classic attractions from the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom, to Finding Nemo and Soarin’ at Epcot.

Soarin Around The world
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Most thrill rides have advisories against riding, including the “mountains” at the Magic Kingdom (Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Splash Mountain).   Other rides such as Goofy’s Barnstormer and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train are not advised, as well as the Tomorrowland Speedway.  At Epcot, you’ll only have to avoid Test Track and Mission: Space.  Disney’s Hollywood Studios has a long list of rides you’ll probably choose to skip, including the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Rockin’ Rollercoaster, Slinky Dog Dash, Star Tours, Rise of the Resistance, and Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run.

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you’ll find that almost every ride is marked with “expectant mothers should not ride”, including the bumpy Kilimanjaro Safari ride.  Don’t feel like you need to skip Animal Kingdom, though. If enjoy the animal-filled walking paths, consider strolling those while others in your group check out Flights of Passage, Expedition Everest, Dinosaur, and Kali River Rapids.

Think About Other Activities To Enjoy

Wilderness Lodge Pool
Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Pool

This may be just the trip to splurge on a fireworks cruise or to spend extra time by the pool. Maybe you’ll really take your time strolling the World Showcase and actually watch the films and look at the exhibits in each country. Consider this trip a perfect opportunity to make time for the details that you may normally miss.
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Consider Your Dining Plans

Plan your dining around your potentially new eating patterns.  You may be less interested in large meals and prefer to have several smaller, quick-service stops throughout the day.  Likewise, foods you used to love might turn your stomach now.  Focusing less on advance dining reservations and more on dining when you’re hungry may be a solid strategy.
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Dress for Comfort

Comfort is always key when you’re taking on the Disney parks, but it’s especially important if you’re pregnant.  You’ll want to bring a few pairs of comfortable, well-worn sneakers or supportive sandals and clothing that helps you stay cool.  You may also want to consider a maternity support belt, which can ease back pain on a long day.

Consider a “Capture Your Moment” Photo Session

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You’ll definitely want to take lots of photos of yourself with your pregnancy glow- or, maybe you’ll feel like a sweaty, tired mess, and you won’t want to take any photos.  Still, don’t regret not taking the photos!  Instead, consider booking a “Capture Your Moment” photo session at the Magic Kingdom.  The sessions can be booked in advance, so plan for a photo session early in the day so you can enjoy it while you are still feeling fresh as a Disney princess!  These 20-minute sessions are the perfect way to get some beautiful maternity photos and to commemorate your special trip.  If you book two sessions back-to-back, you can take pictures in two locations in the park.  You may even want to use a special shot from your session as a Disney pregnancy announcement!

Shop for Your Little One


If your travelling party is off enjoying a thrill ride, why not spend some time shopping for something sweet for the baby?  Disney parks have so many interesting souvenirs, from Christmas ornaments, to baby clothes, to books and dolls. Maybe you’ll find the perfect Disney character or Star Wars plush for your baby.   If time allows, you may even want to take a trip to Disney Springs to explore all of their unique gift options or to personalize a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament.
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Have you taken a WDW or DIsneyland vacation while pregnant? We’d love to hear your tips for a magical Disney vacation for expectant moms!

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