Top 10 Personalized Souvenirs at Disney

Disney souvenirs are always a hit and some can even bring a lifetime of memories with their treasured longevity. Nope, those boxes of chocolate covered Mickey Mouse pretzels won’t last very long, but that etched glass mug with Cinderella Castle on it could certainly be passed down for generations. When someone brings me a piece of “magic” home from Disney I am ecstatic, especially when that gift bears my very own name on it! Nothing guarantees the warm fuzzies quite like a personalized gift and whether the name scrawled across the souvenir is your own or someone you’re gifting it to, these customized creations up the ante for Disney lovers.

Remember what it was like as a young child, eagerly searching those souvenir shop keychain displays for the one with your name on it? Personalized tokens simply make us feel special, regardless of our age! Disney knows this and goes beyond the displays of pre-personalized gifts revealing only the most common names to offer keepsakes that can be personalized right then and there. There are quite a few places on Disney property offering personalized Disney souvenirs and we’ve compiled a list of our top ten favorites.

10. Parasols

When I was a young girl, I longed for these dainty, frilly umbrellas. Looking back, I really can’t put my finger on what it is about them that spoke so much to me, but I simply had to have one. Throughout my childhood, I collected quite a few in different colors and beautiful designs. One of these purchases was at Disney, and to this day they still offer these pretty parasols, certain to delight your little princess. Available at Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom and at the France Pavilion in Epcot, you can purchase a parasol and for an additional charge have your name and even a small illustration of your favorite Disney character painted on it. These parasols are available in various colors and sizes—even doll-sized parasols!

9. Leather Accessories

Leather accessories never truly go out of style, I’m guessing because leather is so darn durable. Lucky for us, you can purchase unique, one-of-a-kind genuine leather accessories at Disney in many styles and colors—all available for personalization! Inside the Canada Pavilion at Epcot and at Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom, you can choose between a leather bracelet, cell-phone strap charm, and a keychain and have them engraved with your name (or really, anything that’ll fit in the small space provided). The bracelets come in a wide cuff or a small, braided strip and have a snap button closure. I purchased one of the thin stripped, braided bracelets in dark brown leather many years ago and still wear it frequently today. Really, these are quite eye-catching!

8. T-Shirts

Sure, you can purchase an awesome Disney-themed t-shirt all over Disney property but why do that when you can design your very own Disney tee? At Design-A-Tee in Downtown Disney, you are the real artist, choosing between hundreds of Disney templates to go along with whatever text you want to add. Go all matchy-matchy with your loved ones and get identical t-shirts sporting your family name. Or pick your favorite Disney character and add your nickname to it. The design possibilities are endless, and this interactive shop with user friendly touch-screen kiosks and on-demand printing makes this a unique and fun Disney experience.

7. Ornaments

Disney ornaments are a wonderful keepsake, and personalizing them to reflect your name, anniversary date, baby’s birth date, etc. makes it that much more special. There are many places on Disney property where you can purchase these beloved “dangling reminders” of your trip, and for an additional fee the very talented cast member will hand paint your desired text. The blown glass Mickey head ornaments are the most popular bulb to have personalized. Cast members will usually use metallic gold or silver to allow the desired wording to “pop” off the ornament in an eye-catching way, complimenting the colored bulb of your choosing. Though not limited to just these two stores, Downtown Disney’s Days of Christmas is the largest Christmas site on property where you can spend hours searching for the perfect ornament amongst their seemingly endless options, and Ye Old Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom is also an equally wonderful, albeit smaller, location.

6. Mickey Ears

There is just something about owning your very own pair of Mickey Ears, especially when your name is embroidered across the back. It’s like you’re officially a part of the Club. Watch your children’s faces light up when they see their very own pair, or have one made for that diehard Disney friend. And now that Mickey Ears come in almost every design imaginable, you will have a wonderful time choosing the perfect pair, tailored to your liking! Though you can purchase your Mickey Ears at practically every merchandise store in Disney, the classic spot for getting them embroidered is at the Chapeau Hat Shoppe located in one of the small alleys in Main Street, USA in the Magic Kingdom.

5. Carved Rings

When my husband and I were dating, we celebrated our “anniversary” at Epcot practically every year. One of the most cherished gifts he surprised me with one year was having a hand-carved, sterling silver ring made for me on site, personalized with his term of endearment for me. Located at the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot, inside Downtown Disney, and at the Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland, you can find skilled ring carvers who will engrave just about any name, initial or even—amazingly—a small shape like a heart onto your chosen bands. You may select between brass, sterling silver, or real gold bands and the prices vary depending on the type of band as well as the number of letters/shapes you include.

4. Family Crests

I could spend hours inside Epcot’s United Kingdom Pavilion. Between the Rose and Crown’s gloriously scrumptious Fish and Chips, the character meet and greets with Alice, Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore , the British Revolution musical performances and authentic English souvenir shopping, you have to peel me away to make my Soarin’ Fastpass+ time. One of my favorite shops on Disney grounds is the Crown and Crest, where you’ll find British sports apparel and gobs upon gobs of Beatles related memorabilia. I love the unique souvenirs found here, the personalized family crests and coat of arms among them. In one section of the shop, you can search for your family name in a large book. Names in the book are from ALL countries not just England ancestry. Once found, a Cast Member will pull up info on their computer and you can see your family crest and family name history. If you’d like, you can then have your family crest placed on a ring, plaque, mug or t-shirt; or, get it embroidered and framed. The prices vary, depending on what you’d like your family crest or coat of arms placed on, but expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200 for one of these long-lasting plaque keepsakes.

3. World Showcase “Kidcot”

Epcot is teeming with personalized souvenir opportunities, and doing the “Kidcot” country crawl inside the World Showcase provides a unique way of experiencing each international pavilion. The Kidcot experience includes craft stations set up at each one of the 11 countries, where your child will receive a complimentary cardboard cutout to personalize and color. A Cast Member at each of the Kidcot Fun Stops will stamp the souvenir craft and some will even write your children’s names in their native language. There are other unique opportunities to collect personalized gifts around these countries, and you don’t have to be a kid to do it. I purchased a low-cost—and gorgeously decorated—paper fan at Japan during an excruciatingly hot Epcot day and the Cast Member, after I gave him permission to, wrote my name in Japanese on the back. This could be considered the adult equivalent of children’s character signatures—going around each country and getting your name written on a souvenir in their native language.

2. Arribas Bros. Hand Cut Glass

Since the Arribas Brothers affiliation with Disney began in 1967, they’ve come a long way with the unique, one-of-a-kind glass creations they offer for purchase on Disney grounds. The master artisans employed at the Arribas Brothers stations reveal their expertise in glass cutting, glass blowing and glass sculpturing. You can choose from a variety of gifts here, from glass picture frames to drinkware to plaques. With their rare and exacting craft, they can have your name gorgeously added to your purchase in practically any size and font—right there before your very eyes! Nothing says, “This is MY orange juice!” like having your very own personalized juice glass with your favorite Disney character and name. Get creative with these gifts! Purchase personalized champagne glasses for your soon-to-be-married friends, or have a mug engraved for your friend on their birthday. The possibilities are fun and endless! You can find them at Downtown Disney, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom.

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1. Silhouettes and Caricatures

Disney has employed some seriously talented artists, able to quickly sketch and draw an amazing portrait for a fabulous, personalized souvenir. In various stations on Disney property, you can purchase a caricature or a hand-cut silhouette and have it done right then and there for you. You don’t even have to have the person present, so long as you have a good picture of them to show the artists. These make wonderful personalized presents and are the best way to capture your child’s or your likeness at the age when you visited the Parks. Some people make a tradition out of getting one done at each visit! The silhouettes are my absolute favorite souvenir, and can be placed in a gorgeous black oval frame at an additional cost. These stands are located inside the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Downtown Disney. Caricature drawing stations are also set up all around Disney property—including the Resorts, Parks and Downtown Disney— and are quirky additions to your keepsake collection. These drawings are guaranteed to make you smile and laugh and are a fun way to remember your vacation!

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